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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - Public School Employees

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Employer Name


Annual Wages

2015Il State Board Of EducationKoch Christopher A$375,840.00
2015Park Forest Sd 163Carmine Joyce M$375,688.00
2013Riverside Sd 96Lamberson Jonathan E$366,103.00
2015Calumet City Sd 155Paraday Troy A$362,435.00
2015Indian Springs Sd 109Nebor Jon N$359,198.00
2014Marquardt Sd 15May Loren D$357,117.00
2013Marquardt Sd 15May Loren D$357,117.00
2015Marquardt Sd 15May Loren D$357,117.00
2014Park Forest Sd 163Carmine Joyce M$354,423.00
2014Skokie Sd 68Mctague Frances J$353,076.00
2015Seja 804 NssedThomas Timothy L$348,651.00
2014Plainfield Sd 202Harper John R$342,675.00
2014Indian Springs Sd 109Nebor Jon N$342,469.00
2014Calumet City Sd 155Paraday Troy A$341,959.00
2015New Trier Twp Hsd 203Yonke Linda L$336,350.00
2014New Trier Twp Hsd 203Yonke Linda L$336,350.00
2014Seja 804 NssedThomas Timothy L$336,285.00
2015Northbrook-glenview Sd 30Tivador Edward J$335,553.00
2013Park Forest Sd 163Carmine Joyce M$334,361.00
2015Homewood-flossmoor Chsd 233Mansfield Edward V$333,640.00
2013Skokie Sd 68Mctague Frances J$333,090.00
2015Niles Twp Chsd 219Gatta Nanciann L$332,321.00
2014Niles Twp Chsd 219Gatta Nanciann L$329,199.00
2014Crete Monee Cusd 201uRodgers John M$327,757.00
2014Valley View Cusd 365Mitchem James A Jr.$326,891.00
2013Indian Springs Sd 109Nebor Jon N$326,884.00
2013Plainfield Sd 202Harper John R$324,839.00
2013Niles Twp Chsd 219Gatta Nanciann L$322,554.00
2014Homewood-flossmoor Chsd 233Mansfield Edward V$321,478.00
2015Glencoe Sd 35Crawford Cathlene A$321,145.00
2013Seja 804 NssedThomas Timothy L$317,454.00
2013New Trier Twp Hsd 203Yonke Linda L$317,311.00
2014Northbrook-glenview Sd 30Tivador Edward J$316,616.00
2013Schaumburg Ccsd 54Rafferty Edward F$316,502.00
2013Leyden Chsd 212Robbins Kathryn J$316,481.00
2015Des Plaines Ccsd 62Westerhold Jane L$314,678.00
2013Batavia Usd 101Barshinger Jack K$312,022.00
2013Sunset Ridge Sd 29Vieth Linda J$309,535.00
2013Crete Monee Cusd 201uRodgers John M$309,205.00
2015Libertyville Chsd 128Lea Prentiss G$309,184.00
2015Highland Park Twp Hsd 113Fornero George V$307,454.00
2013Butler Sd 53Renner Sandra$305,656.00
2014Des Plaines Ccsd 62Westerhold Jane L$305,545.00
2015Argo Chsd 217Omara Kevin J$304,002.00
2014Glencoe Sd 35Crawford Cathlene A$303,322.00
2013Calumet City Sd 155Paraday Troy A$302,605.00
2015Ford Heights Sd 169Jackson Gregory T$299,025.00
2013Northbrook-glenview Sd 30Tivador Edward J$298,751.00
2015Northbrook Esd 27Kroeze David J$298,383.00
2013Homewood-flossmoor Chsd 233Mansfield Edward V$297,642.00
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