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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - Chicago Police

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Annual Wages

2013Chicago Police DepartmentBlaine Deason$218,640.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentEscalante John J$197,724.00
2013Chicago Police DepartmentWysinger Alfonza$188,316.00
2014Chicago Police DepartmentWysinger Alfonza$188,316.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentJohnson Eddie T$185,364.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentRiccio Anthony J$185,364.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentRoy Eugene J$185,364.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentWelch Iii Eddie L$185,364.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentWilliams Eugene E$185,364.00
2013Chicago Police DepartmentByrne Thomas M$176,532.00
2014Chicago Police DepartmentEscalante John J$176,532.00
2014Chicago Police DepartmentGulliford Wayne M$176,532.00
2013Chicago Police DepartmentKirby Debra K$176,532.00
2013Chicago Police DepartmentMurphy Brian S$176,532.00
2013Chicago Police DepartmentPatterson Joseph$176,532.00
2014Chicago Police DepartmentRivera Juan J$176,532.00
2013Chicago Police DepartmentRivera Juan J$176,532.00
2014Chicago Police DepartmentRoti Nicholas J$176,532.00
2013Chicago Police DepartmentRoti Nicholas J$176,532.00
2013Chicago Police DepartmentSkahill Tina M$176,532.00
2014Chicago Police DepartmentWilliams Eugene E$176,532.00
2013Chicago Police DepartmentWilliams Eugene E$176,532.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentAlexander Dana$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentBoehmer Kathleen M$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentCalloway Keith A$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentCaluris Steven M$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentCarter Eric M$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentGeorgas Steve E$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentJones James E$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentLewin Jonathan H$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentMc Naughton David R$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentPena Maria C$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentPrice Ralph M$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentRuiz Berscott F$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentRyan Kevin P$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentStaples Melissa A$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentWaller Fred L$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentWashington Eric T$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentWest Barbara J$170,112.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentAngarone Kenneth$162,684.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentArgenbright Thomas W$162,684.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentBay Roger J$162,684.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentBetts Dwayne$162,684.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentBlisset Rodney D$162,684.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentBuslik Marc S$162,684.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentCesario Robert C$162,684.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentDeenihan Brendan D$162,684.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentDevereux George J$162,684.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentDoss Darren W$162,684.00
2015Chicago Police DepartmentDuffin Kevin B$162,684.00
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