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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - Chicago Transit Authority

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Annual Wages

2013Chicago Transit AuthorityGarner Marcus$245,878.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityGardiner Thomas P$225,845.00
2013Chicago Transit AuthorityTimms Sylvia$221,672.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityGardiner Thomas$221,434.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityGrahovac Michael J$218,552.00
2013Chicago Transit AuthorityJarrett Otis$218,260.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityLetten Michael$216,785.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityKowalski David$215,985.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityGonzales Anthony Michael$212,659.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityClaypool Forrest$209,611.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityDriscoll Edward J$208,346.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityShareef Hameen$207,404.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityTipton David J$206,418.00
2013Chicago Transit AuthorityClaypool Forrest$205,675.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityLam Denny$204,370.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityByrne Sean James$202,264.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityDriscoll Edward$201,893.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityCurtin Brian D$200,698.00
2013Chicago Transit AuthorityAndriacchi Frank$199,313.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityBooker Reginald$198,228.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityDenard Ronald$197,193.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityGrossi Anthony$196,837.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthoritySalas Michael A$196,210.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityLetten Michael D$195,291.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityKouchoukos Frank T$195,280.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityCurtin Brian$192,329.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityKowalski David$191,988.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityTipton David$191,575.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityCalderone Stefano$191,255.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityVargas Nicholas I$190,862.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityGrahovac Joseph$190,264.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityGonzales Anthony$189,440.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityByrne Sean$189,245.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityCoogan Joan Elizabeth$188,203.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityKeith Ladon Ned$187,281.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityTabeta Maximo Santos$187,099.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityGrahovac Michael$186,806.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthoritySeimetz Karen Georgina$186,264.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityCoogan Joan$185,719.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityJones Leon L$185,502.00
2013Chicago Transit AuthorityKowalski David$185,486.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityStanek Mark R$184,753.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityKeith Ladon$184,147.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityHolloway Andrell$184,055.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityPasquale Anthony$183,115.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityCesario Anthony P$182,960.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityStrama David A$182,357.00
2013Chicago Transit AuthorityCoogan Joan$181,782.00
2015Chicago Transit AuthorityWilson Brian A$181,564.00
2014Chicago Transit AuthorityVargas Nicholas$181,291.00
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