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2014Lockport City School DistrictPayroll Expenditure$9,256,362,393.67
2015Nyc Department Of EducationGe Instr & Sch Leadership - Ps$5,559,296,992.30
2015School District Of Iroquois CentralPayroll Expenditure$5,323,176,722.08
2014School District Of Amsterdam CityPayroll Expenditure$4,868,132,157.59
2014Orchard Park Central School DistrictPayroll Expenditure$4,043,166,820.80
2014South Lewis School DistrictPayroll Encumbrance$3,144,558,225.00
2015Nyc Department Of EducationNyc School Construction Authority$2,475,008,000.00
2014Iroquois Central School DistrictPayroll Expenditure$2,370,603,102.01
2014Starpoint Central School DistrictPayroll Expenditure$2,190,434,419.44
2015Nyc Department Of EducationFringe Benefits - Ps$2,188,067,192.71
2015School District Of LackawannaLackawanna City School Distric$2,187,639,940.00
2014Newfane Central School DistrictPayroll Expenditure$1,677,727,426.99
2015Nyc Department Of EducationSe Instr & Sch Leadership - Ps$1,348,404,773.31
2015School District Of Fort Plain CentralFort Plain Je$958,823,203.98
2015Nyc Department Of EducationCategorical Programs - Ps$841,482,401.39
2015Nyc Department Of EducationCw Se Instr & Schl Leadership - Ps$799,486,073.61
2015Office For People With Developmental DisabilitiesNew York State Statewide$645,442,539.76
2014School District Of Rochester CityFirst Student$627,810,656.61
2015School District Of Rochester CityCore Information Technology Svcs Inc$622,408,151.35
2014Public Authority Of New York State Thruway AuthorityTappan Zee Constructors Llc$565,866,098.42
2015Nyc Department Of EducationNew York City Retiree Health Benefits Trust$474,485,921.00
2015City Of NorwichChenango County Treasurer$470,260,032.00
2015School District Of Rochester CityFirst Student$448,355,440.01
2015School District Of Arkport CentralPayroll Expenditure$432,581,967.27
2014Wellsville Central School DistrictMiscellaneous$405,063,423.00
2015School District Of Arlington CentralBoces Of Dutchess County$399,203,434.43
2014School District Of Rochester CityCore Education & Consulting Solutions$389,745,098.15
2015City Of NorwichExcellus Health Plan - Group$385,933,098.00
2015School District Of Rochester CityRochester City School District$313,866,325.15
2014Suffolk CountySuffolk County$307,655,553.50
2015School District Of Middle CountryPc University Distributors Inc$300,023,308.40
2015County Of NassauNys$295,317,948.52
2015School District Of Fort Plain CentralBoard Of Cooperative Ed Svcs$272,539,950.36
2014Uniondale School DistrictPayroll Encumbrance$264,149,548.80
2014Middle Country Central School DistrictEastern Suffolk Boces$263,350,928.84
2014South Orangetown Central School DistrictBoces Rockland$258,300,672.55
2014School District Of Unadilla Valley CentralPayroll Expenditure$246,080,365.53
2014Sherman Central School DistrictPayroll Expenditure$242,385,679.71
2014Town Of BabylonJpmorgan Chase Bank$236,263,751.79
2014Nassau CountyNys$230,113,272.72
2014School District Of Arkport CentralPayroll Expenditure$226,147,840.21
2015County Of SchenectadyNter-fund Transfers - General Fund/3066$219,591,628.95
2015Nyc Department Of EducationSe Instructional Support - Ps$217,955,747.81
2014School District Of Rochester CityRochester City School District$217,740,795.32
2014Patchogue-medford Union Free School DistrictPayroll Encumbrance$211,264,734.46
2014Goshen Central School DistrictOrange-ulster Boces$210,935,466.23
2015Nyc Department Of EducationSchool Food Services - Ps$206,614,957.23
2014School District Of Gloversville CityBoces Hamilton - Fulton -$204,459,600.24
2014Town Of BabylonLindenhurst Ufsd #4$200,487,127.67
2014New York Local Government Assistance CorporationMorgan Stanley Capital Services Inc$195,345,601.34
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