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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - Family Taxpayer Network

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Annual Wages

1999843Aaberg Barbara$55,580.00
1999Oswego 308Aagesen Ruth$62,405.00
1999Community 300Aalfs James$39,649.00
1999Palatine 15Aalund Shari$50,436.00
1999Elem School 159Aanerud Nancy L$39,771.00
1999Mount Vernon 80Aaron Christopher M$33,984.00
1999Northfield 225Aaron Jeff L$95,371.00
1999Komarek 94Aaron Rita$28,547.00
1999Mount Vernon 80Aaron Susan E$31,989.00
1999City Of Chicago 299Aarons Anthony D$58,984.00
1999Harlem 122Aaronson Carlene K$53,976.00
1999Woodstock 200Aavang Sue$43,756.00
1999Richmond 13Aavang Linda$43,735.00
1999Wheeling 21Abarbanel Rachel$31,261.00
1999City Of Chicago 299Abata Anthony V$45,958.00
1999City Of Chicago 299Abatangelo Jane M$47,421.00
1999Vienna 55Abate Jennifer S$29,528.00
1999Grayslake 46Abate Judy$84,121.00
1999Monmouth 38Abbadusky Susan$42,168.00
1999City Of Chicago 299Abbasi Elham J$46,543.00
1999River Trails 26Abbate John$67,771.00
1999Addison 4Abbate Lori B$61,343.00
1999Summit 104Abbatiello Donna J$31,742.00
1999Valley View 365uAbbeduto Susanne$45,043.00
1999Madison 12Abbett Kathryn L$31,240.00
1999City Of Chicago 299Abbey Judith S$58,984.00
1999Champaign 4Abbey-smith Marianne$44,133.00
1999City Of Chicago 299Abbeyea Louise M$55,472.00
1999Rockford 205Abbgy Theodore S$57,262.00
1999La Grange 102Abbinante Vicki$56,797.00
1999Oak Park 200Abbinanti Dorothy S$80,540.00
1999City Of Chicago 299Abbinanti Frank A$57,814.00
1999City Of Chicago 299Abboreno Anthony J$67,971.00
1999Maywood 89Abboreno Nora$42,265.00
1999Momence 1Abbott Catherine L$42,539.00
1999Monroe 70Abbott Darlene$30,668.00
1999Midwest 191Abbott Elizabeth$40,004.00
1999La Harpe 335Abbott Elizabeth$23,829.00
1999Momence 1Abbott Gerald L$49,409.00
1999Decatur 61Abbott Jacelyn L$54,132.00
1999Lebanon 9Abbott Judith$33,529.00
1999Lake Zurich 95Abbott Lillie$83,246.00
1999Township 214Abbott Lori K$46,549.00
1999East St. Louis 189Abbott Louise$51,444.00
1999Colchester 180Abbott Mark$28,142.00
1999Olympia 16Abbott Marnel R$54,152.00
1999School District 46Abbott Mary$33,273.00
1999Springfield 186Abbott Mary D$39,465.00
1999Roxana 1Abbott Pamela Sue$56,330.00
1999Township 214Abbott Richard L$82,356.00
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