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'The VA's Luxury Art Obsession'

July 26, 2016 08:01 AM
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While up to 1,000 veterans died waiting for VA healthcare; while many calls to the suicide prevention hotline were answered by voicemail; while the healthcare claims appeals process was described as "the hamster wheel"; and while the VA created 40,000 new positions, but hired only 3,600 doctors (2012-2015) – the agency managed to spent $20 million on artwork.

Included in the expenditures is a 27’ artificial Christmas tree for $21,500 delivered to Chillicothe, OH and two sculptures costing $670,000 for a VA facility in California that serves blind veterans. Blind veterans can’t see fancy sculptures, and all veterans deserve to see a doctor.

By: Adam Andrzejewski, CEO at and author of the Forbes editorial, The VA’s Luxury Art Obsession






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Alpena, MI
1/14/2017 11:57 AM

  Where can I find detailed reports on these expenditures?

Vicki Abrew
Denver, CO
8/25/2016 04:37 PM

  Veterans' Lives Matter over art work. Take a look at the abomination of a VA Hospital in Aurora, Co. 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS OVER BUDGET AND THE VETS ARE STILL WAITING FOR THEIR HOSPITAL FOR SEVERAL YEARS NOW. Our Government doesn't have a clue, and neither does Obama or the 'Queen Who Wants Her Throne' Clinton. There's only one person who will stand up for the VETERANS. And we all know who that is.

Stella Tracey
Saint. Louis, MO
8/3/2016 01:14 PM

  This is an abomination. How dare they ? Scraping the bottom of the barrel would be a step up for these thugs. There are just no words stong enough or austere enough to describe these acts. I agree with the woman who said - yet another example of the Obamas and the Hillarys theft on the American people... and all they do is laugh up their sleeves.