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Who Has More FirePower? U.S. Marines vs. Bureaucrats

June 16, 2016 08:01 AM
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Analysis by OpenTheBooks estimates that the number of non-Department of Defense federal officers (200,000+) with arrest and firearm power exceeds the number of U.S. Marines (182,000). In 1996, by contrast, the official count from the Bureau of Justice Statistics was 74,500 federal officers.

By: Adam Andrzejewski






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Amarillo, TX
9/2/2016 02:15 PM

  I can't find any news about U.S. tanks that are too heavy, but there seem to be a few about Australian tanks that are too heavy to transport. Also, I imagine many of the Federal officers are not mandated by the constitution as is the military. Either way, as former member of the military, I agree there is waste, but that does not negate the waste and overreach in other parts of the Fed. The Fed in general (including military) needs to take a hard look at how much is being spent and where it can be cut back. But I guess that's just wishful thinking...

Teri Newman
Highland, IL
8/7/2016 09:12 AM

  The Army spent billions on tanks that can't be moved, so the feds win. If you really cared about the money you'd look into that, but it's MUCH easier and safer to whine about artwork that didn't cost 1/1000th of the waste caused by the military ignoring regulations and now are stuck with hundreds of billions of dollars worth of equipment that can't be moved to theatre (battlegrounds) because the transportability REQUIREMENTS were ignored. 20 million in artwork is Jack Squat compared to a trillion dollars worth of Abrams tanks that are too heavy to be moved by rail, truck or ship.