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August 28, 2014 06:40 AM
Illinois Junior College Goes Wild - Wine Cellar, French Restaurant, Shooting Club, corrupted $20 million state grant, a President's $500,000 Comp Package, $600 Million in Construction Projects, & much more... Read our summary, click here.
Rather than institute reform, the college targeted the reformer. Today, from the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board...
"If you serve on the College of DuPage board of trustees... You're also expected to sit down and shut up. The COD board recently censured one of its members (Kathy Hamilton) in a resolution that reads like a teeny-bopper temper tantrum." | August 28, 2014
Read the Chicago Tribune Editorial, click here.
You're cynical; I understand. But, last Thursday night, 200 students, faculty, and citizens picked up a big victory. The Board voted unanimously to freeze tuition for two years. COD has $180 million in the bank. So we've advocated three policies:  1. Freeze Property Taxes; 2. Freeze Tuition; 3. Bring the extra dollars into the classroom.  
Thanking the Board, Challenging them to do much more...
  • In June/July, we exposed and stopped a corrupt $20 million state construction grant being used to generate political support for Governor Quinn. Read a summary here.
  • On Thursday night, the board adopted our two year tuition freeze policy. This reversed a February decision to hike tuition. Vote: 7-0
  • Also on Thursday, Vice Chairman Kathy Hamilton spearheaded our policy to "open the books" on the millions of hidden "petty cash" payments. Up to $30 million in non-transparent payments has occurred under current chairman. Vote: 7-0
Dead elephants, military slurs, taxpayer paid satellite phones, hidden arrest records... the College of DuPage story must continue. Watch this three minute YouTube video, click here.
Watch Laura Reigle, a researcher at OpenTheBooks.com, show that the $600 million spent on construction since 2008 built more office space for executives than classrooms for students. COD now has more office space than any other IL community college has in classrooms!
After $600 million in construction, building more office space than classrooms; $500,000 in total comp for the president and $2.4 million for only nine executives; wine purchases for $200,000 with $500,000 losses at an upscale French restaurant; $27,000 in payments to the local shooting club; 9 weeks taxpayer paid Global satellite phones; a wine cellar...
After minimal reform, but targeting the reform board member...
After extreme property tax hikes and tuition hikes during one of the greatest recessions of our lifetime...
Our research regarding College of DuPage continues to expand. Unfortunately, there's a whole lot more.
Use OpenTheBooks.com and start searching the salaries, pensions and checkbook spending of your local community college.  In most of the country, we have the data online.
See it all for yourself.
Founder, Open The Books
Chairman, American Transparency 
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