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February 6, 2017 11:08 AM
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Texas Governor Tweets about our Sanctuary City Findings

Game Over
The scandal involving the football program at Baylor University seems to add a new disturbing chapter on a regular basis.
The latest came last week as text messages reportedly from former head coach Art Briles were released.
According to the text messages, Briles asked why a woman who said she was attacked by a group of Baylor football players was "around" such "bad dudes."
Those "bad dudes" were players Briles recruited and had playing for him.
The fallout from the Baylor football scandal is still ongoing, but one thing is clear ­— any school that would consider hiring Briles as a coach has some serious morality and integrity issues that need to be addressed.
What A Day
Tom Nichols, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College and the Harvard Extension School, recently penned a column for The Washington Post about how every little thing President Donald Trump does is blown out of proportion.
Nichols offers several examples, one of the best being the knee-jerk reaction by media to "Trump’s proclamation of Inauguration Day as a ‘Day of Patriotic Devotion,’" wrote Nichols.
For those who can’t recall, former President Barack Obama "declared his own inauguration an equally creepy-sounding ‘Day of Renewal and Reconciliation.’"
Funny what offends some people, and what does not offend them.
Law And Order
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted Saturday about an alarming number: "REPORT: Sanctuary cities receive over $27 billion each year from Federal Gov’t. Time to stop funding lawlessness."
The tweet included a link to a post on that indicated so-called "sanctuary cities" (or cities that ignore federal immigration law) that rake in more than $27 billion a year from the federal government.
It is time such cities justify their refusal to acknowledge federal immigration law.
Those who responsibility it is to enforce the laws of this nation do not have the right to pick and choose which laws they want to enforce.
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