American Legislative Exchange Council: The Transparency Revolution & Our War On Waste 176_ALEC

December 3, 2021 12:18 AM


We can't make America great again until we make America accountable again.

This week, in San Diego, at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) convention, our CEO, Adam Andrzejewski, challenged elected officials from across the country to embrace the Transparency Revolution.

The three-day conference was packed with hundreds of America’s state legislators, including new members and recently elected officials.

During a 20-minute presentation Andrzejewski laid out the blueprint to establish a new era in governance.

As outlined in the speech, here are three easy steps any public official can take to embrace the Transparency Revolution:  
1. Open The Books – Show citizens the money! Proactively post all financial line-by-line transactions online. Don't be like California (we are suing the state as they refuse to open up their checkbook!).
2. Declare War On Waste – Identify. Cap. Cut. Dig deep! It's a target rich environment.
3. Read The Bill – Do we have a representative republic if our representatives don't even read the bills they are voting on?


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