American Thinker: Student Loan Forgiveness Will Fatten DEI Bank Accounts 42_American_Thinker_student_loan_forgiveness,_DEI

March 9, 2024 08:29 PM



By Arnold Cusmariu | Full article published at American Thinker

Vote-buying schemes have defined the Democrat party ever since FDR’s “chicken in every pot,” costing the Treasury over the ensuing decades not chicken feed but untold trillions. The list is long and appalling, Biden’s so-called “student loan forgiveness” program being the latest iteration.

So, who else besides students will benefit from Democrat largesse, as a sort of “trickle down” consequence, foreseen and certainly intended? 

The answer becomes apparent when we take a look at one particular category, DEI staffers, highlighted in this recent report out of Virginia.

The University of Virginia spends $20 million a year on its 235 DEI staffers, including a woman who says the spike in premature deaths in Appalachia is due to the 'toxicity of whiteness,' a damning report says.

OpenTheBooks, a spending watchdog, says the flagship public college in Charlottesville drops $15 million on salaries and $5 million more in benefits to its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) team.

They include Rachel Spraker, an 'equity and inclusive' officer, who calls Appalachia's wave of premature deaths a sign of 'white toxicity,' and the school's diversity chief Martin Davidson.

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