CBS Austin: Excess Funds from Municipal Tax-Debt Home Auctions to be Returned 1_CBS_Austin_Home_equity_theft

June 23, 2023 11:00 AM



Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that excess funds from municipal tax-debt home auctions must be returned to previous owners. Source.



Joining us to break down the ruling and how it affects local homeowners and municipal governments in Texas is Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of 

1. It's been called "home equity theft" — when a home is auctioned by a city to pay delinquent property taxes (or other fees) and the proceeds of the sale exceed the amount owed. Please break down the new Supreme Court ruling for us.

2. Is "home equity theft" an issue in Texas and what about the other 50 states? Should this issue be a part of the Texas legislature special session? U.S. Supreme Court ruled,million in government property theft.

3. Has home equity theft been an issue in the Texas courts previously or in the state legislature?

4. What about these ads that sell insurance to prevent home title fraud by criminals? Is this a real problem for homeowners.​thieves-cannot-steal-your-house-rick-kahler-reports/5648246001/SUMMARY

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