CBS Austin: Public Employee Unions Push Back on Interim City Manager's Back-to-the-Office Policy 42_CBS_Austin_wfh

June 2, 2023 07:00 AM


This week, the public employee unions pushed back on the interim city manager's back-to- the-office work policy. One third of the city's workforce is still working from home. The unions are not pleased that regular city employees have to go into the office starting October 1 for three days per week. Learn more.


1. Describe the new back to work rule and the pushback from the city's unions.

2. The President and World Health Organization declared that the pandemic is over. What is the union's argument to keep working from home?

3. It's a valuable benefit to work from home. You have the city payroll from last year. Describe how much city workers are making.

4. What kinds of other benefits to city workers receive on top of the cash compensation?

5. How fairly are Austin city executives and managers compensation vs. similar government positions elsewhere?


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