CBS Austin: Suspended Montana City Manager Disparages Austin, Alleges $475K City Manager Role 55_CBS_Austin_city_manager

February 5, 2024 04:06 PM


By Andrew Freeman | Full article published at CBS Austin

In what he thought was a "secret" recording, Jeff Mihelich told a colleague he was contacted by a recruiter searching for Austin City Manager candidates. Not only did he then disparage the City of Austin and its form of government, but he also alleges he was told it would pay a salary of $475,000.

"It's a s*** show," Mihelich said.

"It's a rare moment when the public gets a peek inside the process of a new city manager," said Adam Andrzejewski, CEO/Founder of OpenTheBooks.

He says if true, $475,000 would be more than Dallas' city manager made last year, $100,000 more than San Antonio's city manager made and even more than Houston's mayor made.

For comparison, he also says Chicago's mayor only makes $216,000.

"The perks, working for the city of Austin, is already lucrative," Andrzejewski said. "But a starting base salary of $475,000 a year, that out-earns every city manager in the state of Texas."

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