CBS Austin: Texas State Police Oversight 29_CBS_Austin_-_Texas_State_Police_oversight

May 19, 2023 04:26 PM


Our auditors at gave oversight analysis to the Texas State Police. In late March, the Austin Police Department invited the Texas State Police to help patrol city streets. Over the last 24-hours, the state troopers assisting the Austin Police Department have been redirected to help with U.S. border security as Title 42 expires.


1. Your auditors at have the State payrolls from 2021 and 2022. How much does a Texas state trooper make, on average? How much overtime is being collected?

2. Locally, in the Austin police department, previously, you found the department short up to 500 officers. Are the headcounts of the State Police up or down?

3. In what ways are the state police being used today? What public policy issues are in play in Austin?

4. This week was "police week" in Washington DC — where local officers from around the country converge on Capitol Hill. Remind our audience: how did the Austin police participate last year?


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