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December 14, 2022 11:32 PM



By Adam Andrzejewski


12.14_cbs_austin_chart analyzed the 2021 payroll for the Austin Independent School District, Austin, Texas, provided through a Texas sunshine request to the Texas Education Agency.  

So, just who is making all of this money?

Meet the Austin Independent School District’s $100,000 Club— the employees making more than six-figures last year. The club is comprised of 236 employees who made $100,000 or more.

The top paid was Pablo Cruz, the superintendent, who earned $346,613 in 2021, despite leaving the district in calendar year 2020. New superintendent Stephanie Elizalde made $345,938, but then she left the district in May 2022.

For comparison, nearby superintendents also earned a lot of money: Steve Flores of Round Rock ISD ($361,007); Paul Andrew Norton of Lake Travis ISD superintendent ($354,610); Bruce Gearing of Leander ISD ($332,993); Fred Brent of Georgetown ISD ($271,204); and Michael Cardona of San Marcos Consolidated ISD ($237,708). 

In the Austin schools, there were eight administrators that made $200,000 last year. On that list were two business managers who made between $281,000 and $288,000 each; and five assistant superintendents who made between $194,000 and $267,000. 

(The Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, Michael Cardona made $203,500 in 2021, a cabinet level position.)

The Austin school’s human resources/director of personnel made $266,842 last year. For comparison, the director of U.S. Personnel Management made less than $200,000 last year – managing payroll for roughly 1.4 million federal workers across the executive agencies.


The top 129 most highly compensated Austin district employees were administrators, assistant superintendents, directors, principals, and assistant principals – not teachers.

The top-paid teacher in the Austin schools ranked 130th on the payroll list – Veronica Rodriguez who earned $110,219 last year. The next highest paid teacher was Carol Nelson who made $99,369 and ranked 244th highest paid. We found only three teachers in the top 300 highest paid employees in the district – that threshold salary was $94,617). 

Austin ISD is ranked in the top 30 percent of schools across the state, 320 of 1,201 districts. Student scores mirror state averages with 52% proficiency in math; 51% proficiency in reading; and an 93% graduation rate. There are roughly 80,000 students in the district and 11,000 employee payroll. 

All compensation figures were produced from the Texas Education Agency subject to our open records request.

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