CBS Austin: Why Wasn't Austin Energy Tree Trimming Ahead of Ice Storm? 86_CBS_Austin_Tree_Trimming

February 10, 2023 02:40 PM


A major ice storm knocked power out for hundreds of thousands of residents when trees took out the power lines. 

Our auditors found that tree trimming was three years behind schedule. Only one percent of the budget was spent on the services. 

Austin Energy ran a $115 million “profit” last year. 

Yet, they didn’t come close to their tree trimming goals. So, when the ice storm hit Austin, the power was knocked out for nearly a week. 

For contrast, the city spent more on PR and communications last year ($13 million) than on tree trimming ($12.3 million). 

Yet, in the ice storm, both teams failed!

The city council commissioned an audit of the tree trimming services: Asplundh Tree Experts, Wright Tree Service, and Davey Tree Surgery Co. 

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