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Forbes - $26 Million Selfie at Illinois Jr. College

September 10, 2014 12:28 PM
Dead elephant, shooting club, global satellite phones, double dipped reimbursements, and $26 million in hidden payments to vendors and school employees… the College of DuPage (COD) is caught faking transparency to pass the goodies.
It was rough going at the second largest college in Illinois this summer.  In July, a $20 million state construction grant was stopped after COD President Dr. Robert Breuder’s email was exposed which outlined a political strategy to bring support to the governor. Newspaper editorials called it a "seedy little money grab" and the governor said the behavior was "extremely alarming."
Activists exposed much more. Since 2009, the college spent $550 million on construction projects with funds reallocated to build an upscale French restaurant and a wine cellar. The restaurant lost over $500,000 in its first year of operation while purchasing over $200,000 in wine and accessories. The President’s compensation is $500,000 annually and nine executives cost taxpayers and students approximately $2.4 million per year.
Last month, I wrote about this college at Forbes, "The Real Financial Crisis in College." But, the story continues…
Responding to our Freedom of Information Act request for COD checkbook, the college produced a troubling record of payments. $27,931 for dues and fees flowed to the president’s private shooting club. Three global satellite phones were paid for each of the last three years so the president could "keep in touch" during his exotic hunting vacations (he shot an African elephant).
Breuder shoots elephant COD President Robert Breuder billed taxpayers and students for three global satellite phones for his exotic hunting trips (2012-14).
After each exposure, the Board of Trustees acted surprised.







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Glen Ellyn, IL
9/12/2014 12:05 PM

  First of all, I don't want Breuder to know who I am, he would fire me for saying what I need to say... Now, Breuder was not on campus all summer long. His prize, orange coned-off spot lay vacant all summer long. Through the grape-vine, I heard he took a Sabbatical during the summer... my question to you is, how can we find out if this was true (that he was only working remotely through his satellite phone) and what does his contract say about him taking a Sabbatical? If his contract does not give him the right to take Sabbaticals, and he was not there for the entire summer, we have just cause to demand the board to fire him! This would be a win-win. It does not matter if the board allowed it or not, or... if they didn't know... his contract would be null and void! Just a thought!