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June 23, 2023 09:38 AM



Police in many states step up speed enforcementduring the summer, especially during holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day, when drivers may be more likely to drink and drive.

This may lead to more traffic tickets, which for those issued by Metro Nashville Police Department, a large percentage are being paid.

MNPD filed 21,822 traffic tickets in traffic court in 2022, according to court records. Fines range from $35 to $50 depending on the violation, making potential fine revenue between $763,770 and $1,091,100.

However, traffic court judges may dismiss the ticket with no fine, order the driver to attend a traffic school or change the fine amount, noted Traffic Violation Bureau Chief Clerk Bill Cartwright.

Of those issued in 2022, 11,093 were “satisfied in full,” with fines totaling $672,145, between a 61% and 88% payment rate. But that figure also includes payments for tickets issued in previous years. 

The year before, MNPD filed 22,224 ticket cases in traffic court, with potential fine revenue between $777,840 and $1,111,200.

Of those issued in 2021, 11,030 were “satisfied in full,” with fines totaling $777,137 — between a 70% and 99% payment rate. Again, those figures include fines paid for tickets issued in previous years.

This is compared to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, which wrote tickets for 45,378 traffic violations, totaling $8.1 million in potential fines. 

But only 17,205 violations were paid in full for $4.2 million and 2,063 violations were partially paid for $513,512, or $4.7 million out of $8.1 million — a 58% collection rate.


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