Fox 45: Baltimore City Council Wants The Golden Parachute Public Pension 168_Fox45_Baltimore_Pensions

November 11, 2022 04:24 PM


Nothing rankles taxpayers more than lawmakers reaping lifetime retirement pensions... in this case the Baltimore city council. In the interview at FOX45-Baltimore, we answer the following questions.

  • Discuss current rules for city council retirement pensions. How does Question K, term limits passed by voted this week, affect the current pension rules? What is the new pension proposal being fast tracked by the city council?
  • How much do current members of the city council earn and how much are retired city council members receiving in retirement pensions?
  • Why does the council believe they need a lifetime retirement pension after just eight years of work?
  • What groups are against the new eight-years-and-out pension rules?

Watch the segment that aired live on FOX45 News in Baltimore and get all the answers.

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