Fox45: Baltimore Nonprofits Profiting from City Subsidies 16_Fox_45_nonprofits_profiting

January 20, 2023 04:38 PM


This week, we'll kick off our deep dive into the Baltimore nonprofits profiting from city subsidies and the abject lack of transparency and metrics.

1. OpenTheBooks just completed a survey of the top paid funded by city government. What did you find?

2. Do a deeper dive into the top paid Baltimore nonprofits. What did you find interesting?
Open Society Foundation — Asked questions. Created impact. More questions left unanswered.

3. Last June, OpenTheBooks filed a Maryland Public Records Act request (MPIA) for the contract, emails, and all correspondance around this $6 million grant from the city to Open Society. Are you going to let the city ignore your request?

4. The comptroller Bill Henry did an audit of city agencies and studied compliance with MPIA. What were the findings and how does this hamper accountability?


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