Fox45: OpenTheBooks 2022 Recap Segment 12_Fox_45_Looking_Back_at_2022

January 13, 2023 12:06 PM


Starting in 2022, we partnered with on a Transparency Tracker segment to show local taxpayers how their money was being spent. 

1. Red Light Hell In The City of Baltimore

2. Remember this fall when the city council wanted to change the rules on their pension program?
Baltimore City Council Wants A Golden Parachute Retirement Pension

3. OpenTheBooks followed Baltimore non-profits that profited from city funding. 
- Open Society Institute​-received-a-6-million-city-grant-from-baltimore/
- Visit Baltimore​-tourism-visit-baltimore-collected-nearly-30-million-from-taxpayers-during-pandemic/
- Non-profits not complying with state charitable solicitation act
So, what government program IS running WELL? Was it the federal earmarks flowing into Baltimore?

Earmarks are the currency of corruption in Congress. In the December 2022, $1.7 trillion federal omnibus spending bill, Baltimore received plenty of pork-barrel spending. 

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