Hillsdale College: The Depth of the Swamp by Open The Books CEO Adam Andrzejewski 70_hillsdale_talk


Adam Andrzejewski, CEO & Founder of OpenTheBooks.com, addresses the Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar in Naples, Florida on February 20, 2020. There were approximately 900 people attending the seminar. 

The title of the presentation was The Depth of the Swamp. Topics covered included the federal funding of the Ivy League, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, U.S. farm subsidies, "small" business lending, top "non-profit" hospitals making huge profits, and mis-allocation of resources at Veterans Affairs. 

Furthermore, Andrzejewski described his organizations efforts to map the San Francisco human waste challenge and their lawsuit to force open California state checkbook expenditures. 

We believe that Transparency is Revolutionizing U.S. public policy and politics. We published an Open Letter To President Donald Trump and 100 Examples of outrageous federal waste in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today six-times. We encouraged the President to embrace the Transparency Revolution, declare War on Waste, and as Commander in Chief, to defend the American taxpayer against waste, fraud, corruption and taxpayer abuse.

Andrzejewski describes the target-rich environment to expose government waste and corruption within federal grants, improper and mistaken payments, and the $100 billion spent on year-end use-it-or-lose-it spending sprees.

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