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August 2, 2021 02:41 PM




IF THIS DOESN’T MAKE YOU SCREAM, YOU MIGHT BE UNCONSCIOUS: New report out from OpenTheBooks finds the U.S. government “spent at least $282.6 billion on foreign aid between 2013-2018—almost $47 billion on foreign aid in FY2018, alone.” And that’s just the first most general finding. Brace yourself for when you get to the details.

BTW, Open the Books has filed more than 40,000 public information requests with governments at all levels for comprehensive spending data. The result is an independent web site that is a veritable treasure chest of data on what governments do with your tax dollars.  Somewhere, little Jimmie Madison is saying “Good show, Open the Books, Good show, that’s what the First Amendment guarantee of a free press is all about.”

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