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Mark Levin National Radio, 61 Federal Agencies purchased $400 million in ‘Body Armor’

61 Federal Agencies purchased $400 million in ‘Body Armor’


Listen to the segment here:



Mark Levin National Radio program segment regarding our / Washington Times investigative report on the federal purchase of $400 million in ‘body armor.’  $71.1 million was purchased outside of traditional law enforcement agencies. Please read our report at Washington Times:






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Joshua Burns
Indio, CA
1/19/2016 03:25 PM

  I believe this article is somewhat biased in it's belief of who's justified in receiving body armor or armored vests. There are lost of "security" officers that aren't necessarily "police" officers but are still first responders and defenders of persons and property when there are felonies assaults, terrorist acts and active shooters. I myself who was a former security officer and manager fought tooth and nail for my officers armed and not armed (can still be shoot) to receive ballistic vests while on duty after several security officers had been shot during their duty shift "just because" the represented a barrier to the criminal. Now I'm a state correctional officer, it was only after several stabbing deaths did we receive stab vests, even loner for the feds to finally issue their officer in the same state stab vests. Don't dismiss safety spending just because you don't "think" someone deserves it, easy to armchair spending when you're not the one waiting for the spending to happen.