New York Post: Reports show NYC plumbers are making a fortune in overtime 54._NYC_plumbers

December 23, 2018 08:30 AM
By Post Staff Report
These city plumbers are flush with overtime cash.
Of the city’s top 100 OT earners, 23 are plumbers, according to The Post’s analysis of fiscal-year data.
Housing Authority plumber Vincenzo Giurbino, 55, pumped the most cash out of taxpayer coffers — $213,634 in overtime, plus $93,984 in base pay, to end the 2017-18 year with $315,158.
That’s almost 100 grand more than Mayor de Blasio’s $225,000 annual salary.
But Giurbino is not alone; 25 city plumbers made more than $200,000, with overtime more than doubling base salaries in most cases, according to the most recent payroll data available.
Of the top-10 fat-cat plumbers, nine worked for the scandal-plagued city Housing Authority. The feds warned City Hall this week that they have until Jan. 31 to make a deal with prosecutors to improve horrible living conditions in their buildings or face a federal takeover.
NYCHA said of their princely plumbers: "With our aging infrastructure, we need our staff, especially skilled trades, to work 24 hours a day responding to emergencies and making repairs for our residents."
The average plumber in the United States made around $52,590 a year in 2017, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. But New York’s municipal plumbers plunged the system for roughly four times that.
"No city in America should allow their plumbers to routinely double their incomes with overtime and make more than $200,000," said Adam Andrzejewski, CEO & founder of, a government watchdog. "When city employees make more in overtime pay than in salary, then the pay and benefits systems are being abused."
In 2017, New York City spent more than $3.2 billion in overtime and extra pay, according to Open The Books data.
"Pay and benefits are the number one issue affecting the efficient delivery of city services whether it’s education, public safety, or health and human services," Andrzejewski said. "The mayor is struggling with reforms, but New Yorkers deserve better management of their government."
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