New York Post: UVA’s huge DEI spending, Sleepy Joe’s policies trigger nightmares and other commentary 34_NYP_Biden_UVA

March 10, 2024 12:44 AM



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Campus beat: UVA’s Huge DEI Spending

“The University of Virginia (UVA) has at least 235 employees under its ‘diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)’ banner” for an estimated $20 million cost, thunders Adam Andrzejewski at OpenTheBooks.

The top such staffer takes home $587,340 including benefits; “for comparison, Glenn Youngkin, the governor of Virginia earned $175,000.”

“It takes tuition payments from nearly 1,000 undergraduates just to pay their base salaries.”

“UVA has a much deeper DEI infrastructure” than the recently axed public-university setups in Florida, which means “tens of millions of dollars in student tuition and taxpayer monies are flowing into promoting anti-American notions and radical philosophies.”

Witness one DEI staffer citing “the opioid epidemic in Appalachia as an example of ‘white toxicity.’” The only answer? “Reform or abolition.” 

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