New York Post Editorial Board: Why are so many teachers 'effective' when many kids don't learn? 2017-01-04_21-47-50

October 12, 2017 09:44 AM
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Why are so many teachers 'effective' when many kids don't learn? 

By Post Editorial Board

October 11, 2017

United Federation of Teachers chief Mike Mulgrew reportedly is crowing that almost 97 percent of city teachers rated "effective" or "highly effective" this year. As well he should - since it means he's succeeded in making the evaluations a joke. 

After all, how do you have so many effective teachers when so many kids can barely read?

Want another sign the system serves vested interests, not the kids? The new study (discussed below) reveals that 694 of the city’s 775 school custodians earned $100,000 or more last year — with many outearning the principal.

The inmates are running the asylum.

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