PJ Media: Billions in U.S. Tax Dollars Going to Colleges Tolerating Anti-Semitism 8_PJ_media_-_antisemitism

April 28, 2024 03:58 PM



By Mark Tapscott | Full article at PJ Media

Americans are watching in horror as thousands of real students led like sheep by "students" who happen to be professional organizers of protest demonstrations take over campuses, issue endless demands to intimidate spineless administrators, plant tent cities and create the kind of hate-filled environment not seen since Hitler's Brown Shirts.

But how much more horrified would Americans be if they all knew how much of their hard-earned tax dollars are going to the elite colleges like Columbia, Harvard, and Yale where the anti-semitic gangs are most visible?

Thanks to Adam Andrzejewski and Open the Books, the facts are front and center, including the reality that the total amount in checks written by the U.S. Treasury and sent to these elite campuses exceeds the income the schools receive in tuition payments. Andrzejewski laid it all out in an April 19 interview on The National Desk that you can watch here.

If you aren't already familiar with Open the Books, you are missing one of the crown jewels of the transparency in government movement that began way back in 1966 with passage of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and which shifted into high gear with the advent of the Internet.

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