Press Release: DOD Chief Diversity Officer for K-12 Schools Pledges to "Play Harder" Than Critics as Department Stonewalls Congress 13_KW_Press_Release

March 3, 2023 04:24 PM


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DOD Chief Diversity Officer for K-12 Schools Pledges to "Play Harder" Than Critics as Department Stonewalls Congress Kelisa Wing is doubling down as her controversial children's books proliferate in schools serving military families. 


WASHINGTON – released a follow-up report on Kelisa Wing, the top diversity official for K-12 schools serving military families through the Department of Defense Education Agency (DODEA). Wing has doubled down in the face of questions from Congress and the public about her radical diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) philosophy. At a recent professional conference, Wing pledged to “play harder” than critics. Wing is tasked with advancing DEI ideology through the schools that educate children of servicemembers worldwide. In her own words, she seeks to “tear down” and “dismantle” curricula and “rebuild” schools into “safe” spaces for children.

Back in October, controversy erupted after Twitter posts from Wing surfaced in which she made or highlighted racially insensitive comments. The initial report found Wing used her title and federal employer when promoting books she had authored, including during a DoDEA event. Some of her books, intended for children, have titles like What Is White Privilege? and What Does It Mean to Defund the Police? At the time, 11 out of 160 DODEA school libraries carried 45 copies of the books, but an audit in January showed that number had skyrocketed 1,200 percent with 49 schools now carrying more than 600 copies.

Similar trainings for adult servicemembers and leadership have been criticized as a distraction from the objective of military readiness.

DOD announced it would investigate Wing’s employment within 30 days, but that deadline has long since passed without any answers. Congressional leaders like GOP caucus chair Rep. Stefanik have demanded answers and pressed for transparency through legislation.

READ THE REPORT Founder & CEO Adam Andrzejewski released this statement:

“While Kelisa Wing doubles down on her radical philosophies – so too are the DOD’s grade schools doubling down on stocking her children’s books. Wing’s government role has far-reaching consequences and enables her to shape the education of tens of thousands of children of our servicemembers. Along with taxpayers, military families deserve full transparency from the DOD because when they are deployed abroad, they often have no choice but to send their children to DODEA schools. Military families are out there defending and representing our nation; are different values and messages being taught to their children in the classroom?”

Over 60,000 children attend DODEA schools funded by a $3.1 billion budget. As a GS-14 employee, Wing earns up to $164,000 in salary, plus benefits. Still, she operates a separate, private consultancy called Promises & Possibilities, LLC, which has collected tens of thousands of additional dollars from public schools seeking Wing’s DEI staff trainings.

The Department of Defense rejected's FOIA request for Wing’s timecards and her conflict-of-interest disclosures. Those FOIA rejections are being appealed. Taxpayers need answers as to whether or not Wing worked for her private businesses on government time or leveraged her public position for private benefit.

“Kelisa Wing is a highly compensated, leading education official with span and influence over nearly every aspect of K-12 education for military kids including hiring, professional development and curriculum," Andrzejewski said.

"Does civilian leadership at the Pentagon have to follow the same conflict-of-interest rules as every active duty servicemember? If so, that has troubling ramifications for military readiness. 

"The American people deserve straight answers from the Pentagon. Radical philosophies and questionable ethics have no place on military bases. The American people need to know how K-12 education is being restructured at military bases."

**Kelisa Wing has not been accused of wrongdoing by the Pentagon and the DOD refuses to answer whether or not her activities were approved.


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