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May 28, 2014 08:00 PM


May 28, 2014
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RUSH: The VA scandal is growing.  It is not abating.  Bonuses went to the worst hospitals.  One of the points I made last night on the show with Greta, she asked me about the VA.  I said (paraphrasing), "Do you remember when Obama was out sliming the doctors, surgeons specifically, accusing them of doing unnecessary surgeries just to pocket big bucks? Unnecessary amputations, unnecessary appendectomies, this kind of thing?  And he was pointing out how we need the federal government to get in charge of this stuff to prevent poor, unsuspecting patients from being ripped off." 

It was a total assault on everybody in the medical community, all surgeons.  And it wasn't true.  But what is true?  Obama's own VA featured a bunch of bureaucrats massaging and maneuvering waiting lists while patients died, in order to get their bonuses.  So, once again, what Obama accuses the private sector of encouraging and condoning, his own Regime is practicing. has the details. 


"Freedom of Information Act requests by Illinois-based watchdog group Open the Books reveal that the VA spent millions on bonuses during the last three years at the Edward Hines VA Hospital in Cook County, Ill. ... Eric Shinseki tried to bring closure to the scandal by firing the VA undersecretary of health, Dr. Robert Petzel," who had already announced his retirement.  Earlier this month Obama had already announced his replacement.  They didn't fire anybody.  That's more smoke and mirrors. 

They were gonna fill the position with Dr. Jeffrey Murawsky, the director of VA's Great Lakes Health Care System in Winchester, Ill.  Since 2009, he had oversight responsibility of the Edward Hines VA Hospital in Cook County, Ill. And that is the hospital where the Freedom of Information Act requests by Open the Books discovered the VA had spent millions on bonuses during the last three years. "Worse, in 2013, only about one-in-four of Hines' 4,230 employees were those providing the actual primary care: doctors (309) or nurses (about 800), Open the Books found."

That's exactly what happens in the public school system.  You've got X-number of teachers, and all the money goes to liberal compatriots and union people in the administrative levels of education, which never once see the classroom.  Exactly what's going on at the VA hospital.  Top-heavy with administrators that don't do anything but collect a check, 4,230 employees at Edward Hines VA hospital, and only 25% of 'em were those providing actual care.  And they got bonuses.


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