Russell Brand's 'Stay Free' Podcast Interview on The Fauci's: "We Can’t Follow The Money!" 80_russell_brand_-_fauci

January 23, 2023 10:16 AM



Yesterday, Hollywood star Russell Brand posted our 20-minute podcast interview on YouTube.

Brand is a force of nature and words can barely describe him!

Our CEO Adam Andrzejewski hit Russell Brand with so many hard facts that he absolutely loved it. As Brand put it, “Adam’s just kicked me with so many facts. This guy’s brilliant.” 

The interview covered the 3 KEYS TO U.S. PUBLIC HEALTH:

  • Culture of Secrecy – OpenTheBooks uncovered $1.4 billion in hidden third-party royalties paid to the National Institutes of Health, its leaders and its scientists since 2010.
  • If public health were a reality TV show, it would be named: Meet The Fauci's. Dr. Fauci out-earns the president and Mrs. Fauci, Christine Grady, out-earns the vice president as the chief bioethicist at NIH (Anthony Fauci's employer). 
  • Target Rich Environment – Waste, Fraud, Corruption and Taxpayer Abuse runs deep in our existing public health system. This must be rooted out.

We covered a lot of ground with Russell Brand and his millions of followers. It was humbling and gratifying to help a whole new audience discover what you've known all along: Transparency changes everything!

Hard facts. No spin. Follow the money! 


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