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Monthly Annuity Amount

2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoLayden Thomas Joseph$26,525.32
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoSugar Joel$26,479.37
2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoJohnson Michael E$26,474.36
2017University Of Illinois - UrbanaBazzani Craig S$26,427.61
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoForman Phillip$26,411.06
2018Hinsdale Ccsd 181Curley Mary M$26,278.02
2017Homewood-Flossmoor Chsd 233Murray Laura L$26,268.43
2016Cgh Medical-sterlingAndersen Edward A$26,259.87
2018Southern Illinois University - CarbondaleFolse John Roland$26,233.98
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoHonig George R$26,226.95
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoFeld James$26,120.34
2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoSandlow Leslie J$26,109.40
2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoSchuler James J$26,046.45
2017Northern Illinois UniversityMilner Joel S$26,010.10
2016Lincoln-way Chsd 210Wyllie Lawrence A$26,006.76
2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoMasi Alfonse Thomas$25,963.38
2016Oakton Community CollegeLee Margaret$25,930.09
2016University Of Illinois - UrbaDelia Jesse$25,827.65
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoPunwani Indru C$25,825.71
2018Lincolnshire-Prairie View 103Fleming Larry K$25,819.83
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoSolaro Ross John$25,810.36
2017Northern Illinois UniversityWilliams Eddie Robert$25,785.58
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoLayden Thomas Joseph$25,752.74
2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoMoss Gerald S$25,735.34
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoMasi Alfonse Thomas$25,715.56
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoJohnson Michael E$25,711.32
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoSugar Joel$25,708.13
2018Community Csd 93Gmitro Henry A$25,659.11
2016University Of Illinois - UrbaBazzani Craig$25,657.87
2018University Of Illinois - UrbanaHolonyak Nick$25,630.64
2018National Education AssociationWeaver Reginald L$25,615.87
2015Cgh Medical-sterlingAndersen Edward A$25,545.21
2017Hinsdale Ccsd 181Curley Mary M$25,512.64
2018North Shore Sd 112Hager Maureen L$25,479.00
2017Southern Illinois University - CarbondaleFolse John Roland$25,469.88
2018City Colleges Of ChicagoWatson Wayne D$25,467.91
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoHonig George$25,463.06
2018College Of Lake CountyWeber Girard W$25,355.48
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoSandlow Leslie J$25,348.93
2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoLopata Melvin$25,340.24
2018Park Forest Sd 163Carmine Joyce M$25,308.75
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoSchuler James J$25,287.82
2016New Trier Twp Hsd 203Bangser Henry S$25,279.96
2018University Of Illinois - UrbanaGardner Chester S$25,276.96
2018Calumet City Sd 155Paraday Troy A$25,265.33
2016Northern Illinois UniversityMilner Joel$25,252.52
2015Lincoln-way Chsd 210Wyllie Lawrence A$25,249.28
2016Community Unit Sd 200Catalani Gary T$25,167.54
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoPunwani Indru$25,073.50
2015University Of Illinois - UrbaDelia Jesse$25,073.32
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