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Monthly Annuity Amount

2015City Colleges Of ChicagoAdler Carl$2,853.03
2016City Colleges Of ChicagoAdler Carl$2,938.53
2017Springfield Sd 186Bridgewater Cathy S$808.98
2017Kewanee Sd 229Bridgewater Linda J$417.54
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAdlington Darlene$830.62
2015Lewis & Clark Community CollegeAdmire John$9,393.22
2016Carl Sandburg CollegeAdmire Patti$4,056.21
2017Schuyler Co Hospital DistBridgewater Mary E$726.56
2017Greene CountyBridgewater Phyllis A$185.83
2015Carl Sandburg CollegeAdmire Patti$3,938.07
2017Morgan CountyBridgewater Trudy L$1,056.75
2017Elmhurst Cu Sd 205Bridgman Denise H$112.63
2016Northern Illinois UniversityAdmonis Sharoda$5,218.93
2015University Of Illinois - UrbaAdolphson Dorothy$980.63
2017Macon CountyBridgman Eleanor J$116.13
2015Northern Illinois UniversityAdmonis Sharoda$5,066.92
2016University Of Illinois - UrbaAdolphson Dorothy$1,010.05
2016Kishwaukee CollegeAdmonis Joseph$256.25
2015Kishwaukee CollegeAdmonis Joseph$83.00
2015Southern Illinois University - CarbondaleAdorjan Susan$447.93
2017City Of BeardstownBridgman Sally J$775.06
2016Southern Illinois University - CarbondaleAdorjan Susan$461.37
2017Edinburg Cu Sd 4Bridgwater Dorothy M$359.34
2015Danville Area Community CollegeAdrain Charles$1,695.42
2016Danville Area Community CollegeAdrain Charles$1,746.28
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAdrian Deborah$2,352.45
2017Madison CountyBridick Donald L$5,214.26
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAdrian Deborah$2,283.93
2016College Of DupageAdrian Debra$3,929.03
2017Rockford Sd 205Bried Christie L$62.99
2015College Of DupageAdrian Debra$3,814.59
2016University Of Illinois - UrbaAdrian Marlene$1,526.43
2017Deland Weldon Cu Sd 57Briehler Helen T$150.74
2017Clinton Sd 15Brieler Sarah B$1,298.87
2017Harlem Cons Sd 122Brien Joseph N$702.40
2017Mclean CountyBrienen Lucerne M$696.64
2017Mclean CountyBrienen Stephen R$2,893.89
2017Richmond Grade School Dist 13Brierly Carol J$195.72
2017Rockford Sd 205Brierton Dale M$405.69
2018Lyons Township High Sd 204Prusak Carol E$830.84
2018Lyons Township High Sd 204Pry Tamara L$116.03
2018Lyons Township High Sd 204Psenicka Jean K$498.75
2018Lyons Township High Sd 204Pyritz Joann K$173.04
2018Lyons Township High Sd 204Racan Edward W$2,945.43
2018Lyons Township High Sd 204Ratberger Joseph$146.46
2018Lyons Township High Sd 204Rice Susan S$557.26
2015University Of Illinois - UrbaAdrian Marlene$1,481.97
2015University Of Illinois - UrbaAdrian Ronald$16,766.45
2016University Of Illinois - UrbaAdrian Ronald$17,269.44
2016Southwestern Illinois CollegeAdrian William$311.10
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