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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - All Local Employees

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Annual Wages

2016Calumet City Sd 155Paraday Troy A$384,138.74
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoMermelstein Robin J$384,067.56
2016Stroger HospitalQaisi Mohammed$382,840.64
2018University Of Illinois - UrbanaSeidel Harry Edward$382,759.88
2015Stroger HospitalGandhi Yogesh$382,274.10
2015University Of Illinois - UrbanaBasar Tamer M$381,846.51
2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoRay Charles$381,758.92
2016University Of Illinois - UrbanaChan Louis Kuo Chi$381,403.56
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoBunney E Bradshaw$380,580.00
2015University Of Illinois - UrbanaChan Louis Kuo Chi$380,166.80
2018City Of ClintonKureishy Farrukh A$380,062.44
2015University Of Illinois - UrbanaDebrock Lawrence M$379,822.30
2016Stroger HospitalPatel Urjeet$379,749.76
2017Stroger HospitalPatel Urjeet$379,749.76
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoMermelstein Robin J$379,498.27
2017Waubonsee Community CollegeSobek Christine Jean$379,464.01
2015Stroger HospitalFranco Carlo$379,039.50
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoCampbell Stephen D$378,779.29
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoCampbell Stephen D$378,143.28
2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoMermelstein Robin J$377,847.02
2016Indian Springs Sd 109Nebor Jon N$377,409.18
2017Stroger HospitalMurphy James$377,210.08
2017Stroger HospitalQaisi Mohammed$377,210.08
2015Stroger HospitalVidal Patricia$377,000.01
2016Stroger HospitalHasan Jafar$376,376.00
2016Stroger HospitalVidal Patricia$376,376.00
2015Il State Board Of EducationKoch Christopher A$375,839.87
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoKondos George T$375,715.14
2015Park Forest Sd 163Carmine Joyce M$375,688.33
2016Stroger HospitalGrevious Mark$375,333.92
2018Homewood-Flossmoor Chsd 233Mansfield Edward V$375,286.72
2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoRusch Sara L$374,937.01
2017Stroger HospitalAlyousef Tareq$374,449.92
2017Stroger HospitalPenmetcha Taruna$374,449.92
2015Stroger HospitalTorres Maria$373,847.40
2015Stroger HospitalNasr Ned$373,847.38
2018Department Of Human ServicesPhysician Spec Option DKareemi Faiza$373,100.00
2017City Of ClintonKureishy Farrukh A$372,700.50
2017Stroger HospitalAdeniji Adejimi$372,584.16
2017Stroger HospitalEgiebor Osbert$372,584.16
2017Stroger HospitalKelekar Anita$372,584.16
2017Stroger HospitalMesser Thomas$372,584.16
2016Stroger HospitalFranco Carlo$372,299.20
2017Stroger HospitalFranco Carlo$372,299.20
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoCampbell Stephen D$372,153.50
2017Henry Hospital DistSnider Crystal L$371,478.25
2017University Of Illinois - UrbanaSougiannis Theodore$371,211.14
2016Stroger HospitalPatrianakos Thomas$369,599.36
2017Stroger HospitalPatrianakos Thomas$369,599.36
2016Seja 804 NssedThomas Timothy L$369,457.38
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