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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - All Local Employees

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Annual Wages

2017Plainfield Sd 202A Hearn Michael P$3,576.50
2015University Of Illinois - UrbanaA'cs Bernhard$88,728.00
2016University Of Illinois - UrbanaA'cs Bernhard$88,710.26
2018University Of Illinois - UrbanaA'cs Bernhard$46,471.50
2017University Of Illinois - UrbanaA'cs Bernhard$88,803.75
2018Woodland Cc Sd 50Aaberg Mayumi N$10,438.52
2018Community Unit Sd 200Aagaard Ann C$64,013.00
2016Community Unit Sd 200Aagaard Ann C$57,020.00
2015Community Unit Sd 200Aagaard Ann C$53,752.55
2017Community Unit Sd 200Aagaard Ann C$62,197.00
2018Hinsdale Ccsd 181Aagaard Bianca A$29,470.30
2017Community Unit Sd 200Aagaard Bianca A$6,957.50
2018Community Unit Sd 200Aagaard Jenna A$44,527.00
2016Community Unit Sd 200Aagaard Jenna A$1,840.00
2017Community Unit Sd 200Aagaard Jenna A$42,615.50
2015Comm Unit Sd 200Aagaard Jenna A$12,899.77
2016Comm Unit Sd 200Aagaard Jenna A$7,964.86
2018Village Of AlgonquinAagaard Patricia$49,261.83
2015Village Of AlgonquinAagaard Patricia$36,425.55
2016Village Of AlgonquinAagaard Patricia$40,991.40
2017Village Of AlgonquinAagaard Patricia$46,371.47
2016City Colleges Of ChicagoAagaard Sharon M$90,104.33
2015City Colleges Of ChicagoAagaard Sharon M$88,429.95
2017City Colleges Of ChicagoAagaard Sharon M$7,200.26
2016Fire Department Of HuntleyAagesen James$2,710.52
2015Fire Department Of HuntleyAagesen James$36,792.71
2016Fire Protection District Of MarengoAagesen James R$180.00
2017Fire Department Of Downers GroveAagesen Thomas J$97,127.38
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAakalu Vinay Kumor$255,092.41
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAakalu Vinay Kumor$245,428.41
2018University Of Illinois - ChicagoAakalu Vinay Kumor$266,078.41
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoAakalu Vinay Kumor$265,000.03
2016Fire Department Of Harlem RoscoeAaker Thomas M$26,991.10
2015Fire Department Of Harlem RoscoeAaker Thomas M$32,706.43
2016State's AttorneyAakre Amrith$90,120.16
2015State's AttorneyAakre Amrith$86,799.09
2018Mundelein Sd 75Aakre Christopher R$48,170.63
2017Mundelein Sd 75Aakre Christopher R$13,029.38
2018Department Of Employment SecurityUnemployment Ins Rev Analyst IiAala Ferlinda C$67,800.00
2017Department Of Employment SecurityUnemployment Ins Rev Analyst IiAala Ferlinda C$50,800.00
2018Barrington Cusd 220Aalfs James W$130,189.98
2015Barrington Cusd 220Aalfs James W$119,381.91
2016Barrington Cusd 220Aalfs James W$126,931.59
2017Barrington Cusd 220Aalfs James W$127,637.22
2018Police Department Of MchenryAalto Brian J$92,281.81
2017Police Department Of MchenryAalto Brian J$89,811.98
2016Police Department Of MchenryOfficerAalto Brian J$89,811.98
2015Police Department Of MchenryOffcr/detAalto Brian J$87,621.45
2018Village Of Mt ProspectAamir Hira$27,440.00
2015City Of ChampaignAamir Hira$18,562.95
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