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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - All Local Employees

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Annual Wages

2016Cooper John$64,199.20
2016Cooperwood Lashunda$86,596.64
2016Copperidge Ivory$43,555.20
2016Cornils Lois$81,161.60
2016Cornog Natasha$76,444.16
2016Crothers Karen$124,629.44
2016Cyrus Rocell$94,261.44
2016Alvarado Amy$64,841.92
2016Dengler Pauline$77,444.64
2016Desalvo Matthew$45,506.24
2016Diorio Dominic$76,444.16
2016Dugo Darlene$108,704.96
2016Duncan Lakeya$29,484.00
2016Edwards Sarah$55,001.44
2016Fitch Caitlin$54,839.20
2016Galloway Toni$51,975.04
2016Garcia Anthony$64,199.20
2016Accardi Joseph$66,524.64
2016Gawrys Stephen$71,643.52
2016Gianakas Peter$76,452.48
2016Apple Maryanne$48,530.56
2016Giliberto Matthew$66,524.64
2016Gonzalez Wilfredo$66,524.64
2016Greenfield David$65,563.68
2016Greenlees John$69,145.44
2016Headley Bernard$58,718.40
2016Jackson Green Bryant$61,996.48
2016Jimenez Jamie$43,074.72
2016Kiefer Paul$68,157.44
2016Kleist Timothy$72,049.12
2016Koon Angela$50,529.44
2016Longhitano Louis$127,774.40
2016Monahan Timothy$118,549.60
2016Montgomery Christianne$81,026.40
2016Nelin Laura$52,599.04
2016Patel Shreyas$67,608.32
2016Pszczolkowski Vincent$66,524.64
2016Pyle Jason$105,187.68
2016Bielski Jolanta$43,555.20
2016Regan Neal$65,563.68
2016Ross Diamond$73,089.12
2016Saleh Mustafaa$76,444.16
2016Sanders Elisha$76,444.16
2016Sanders Latreece$47,584.16
2016Schumacher Jessica$54,816.32
2016Senuta Stephanie$78,767.52
2016Shah Ami$66,478.88
2016Shivers Claudette$66,478.88
2016Simmons Alexander$74,563.84
2016Spralls Brittany$60,469.76
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