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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - All Local Employees

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Annual Wages

2015City Colleges Of ChicagoAagaard Sharon M$88,429.95
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAakalu Vinay Kumor$255,092.41
2015Western Illinois UniversityAanenson Marian H$37,521.00
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAardsma Nathan Alan$59,602.76
2015College Of DupageAarestad Elizabeth Anne$18,980.63
2015William Rainey Harper CollegeAarestad Elizabeth Anne$11,532.34
2015Governors State UniversityAase Darrin Michael$78,726.48
2015Northern Illinois UniversityAase Gerald R$112,938.75
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbad Bayan B$35,265.32
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbad Catherine M$96,915.75
2015Northeastern Illinois UniversityAbad Melissa$7,200.00
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbando Dansel$47,877.18
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbarbanel Jonathan$19,005.00
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbarca Rebeca$27,166.26
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbaring Erlina Galona$150,718.81
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbarquez Emily R$37,545.89
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbasolo Rowena Mariano$32,817.26
2015Morton CollegeAbate Nannette M$13,560.63
2015Triton CollegeAbate Nannette M$22,456.70
2015Spoon River CollegeAbavini Mansoureh$5,175.15
2015Western Illinois UniversityAbavini Mansoureh$12,217.01
2015Northeastern Illinois UniversityAbay Hiwet B$41,719.93
2015University Of Illinois - UrbanaAbbadi Hamzah I$8,580.80
2015University Of Illinois - UrbanaAbbamonte Peter Michael$153,642.06
2015University Of Illinois - UrbanaAbbas Ali El Sayed$31,296.63
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbbas Rami$9,134.40
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbbasian Javaneh$246,424.27
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbbed Turkia M$59,218.06
2015Rock Valley CollegeAbbgy Lisa A$2,460.00
2015William Rainey Harper CollegeAbbinante Nicholas James$3,916.26
2015Western Illinois UniversityAbbot Warren Edmund$54,872.45
2015Black Hawk CollegeAbbott Alan John$90,739.21
2015Northern Illinois UniversityAbbott Alicia Elizabeth$38,251.75
2015Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleAbbott Alicia Elizabeth$4,198.64
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbbasian Niekoo$2,292.50
2015University Of Illinois - UrbanaAbbott Alix Rohan$41,232.88
2015University Of Illinois - UrbanaAbbott Annie Ruth$75,527.26
2015John Wood Community CollegeAbbott Gary Dale$11,610.00
2015Moraine Valley Community CollegeAbbott Geena$11,491.75
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbbott John Richard$51,745.93
2015Waubonsee Community CollegeAbbott Lenice Christine$69,854.75
2015Northern Illinois UniversityAbbott Margret C$33,551.02
2015Illinois Valley Community CollegeAbbott Mark D$4,181.68
2015University Of Illinois - UrbanaAbbott Matthew L$32,168.38
2015Illinois Eastern Community CollegeAbbott Nancy Leigh$4,524.41
2015Joliet Junior CollegeAbbott Pamela Jo$4,629.00
2015Lewis & Clark Community CollegeAbbott Pamela S$11,597.70
2015Rock Valley CollegeAbbott Scott W$45,502.00
2015John Wood Community CollegeAbbott Susan Dianne$22,737.06
2015Southern Illinois University - CarbondaleAbbott Tammy Ann$15,364.13
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