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Annual Wages

2017Community Unit Sd 200Aagaard Ann C$62,197.00
2017Community Unit Sd 200Aagaard Bianca A$6,957.50
2017Barrington Cusd 220Aalfs James W$127,637.22
2017Elementary Sd 159Aanerud Nancy$87,705.26
2017Aero Special Educ CoopAardsma Kristin N$57,346.36
2017Burbank Sd 111Aardsma Patricia E$50,341.50
2017Park Forest Sd 163Aaron Amanda M$2,483.32
2017Mt Vernon School District 80Aaron Christopher M$80,601.20
2017Mt Vernon School District 80Aaron Susan E$73,004.28
2017Gurnee School District 56Aas Annette S$82,042.00
2017Woodstock Cusd 200Aavang Steven E$1,370.84
2017Huntley Csd 158Aavang Steven E$4,525.00
2017Kildeer Countryside Ccsd 96Abad Megan I$67,509.00
2017Marquardt Sd 15Abado Esis A$79,748.00
2017Schiller Park Sd 81Abajian Roula K$90,818.11
2017Berkeley Sd 87Abangan Erica K$65,064.45
2017Waukegan Cusd 60Abanto Giovanni J$26,334.56
2017Champaign Cusd 4Abarbanel Ariella$70,195.96
2017School District U46Abascal Lauren E$65,399.51
2017Township Hsd 214Abat Mediha$109,271.83
2017Joppa-maple Grove Usd 38Abate-barrett Jennifer S$66,534.96
2017School District U46Abbale Jeanne A$219.79
2017Ridgeland Sd 122Abbasi Amani M$550.00
2017North Palos Sd 117Abbasi Haneen$54,033.13
2017La Grange Sd 102Abbatacola Amy K$3,905.00
2017Aptakisic-tripp Ccsd 102Abbatacola Melissa M$81,517.94
2017Cicero Sd 99Abbate Monique M$75,355.40
2017Ridgeland Sd 122Abbatemarco Anna S$21,777.50
2017Cicero Sd 99Abbeduto Keith L$63,522.91
2017Summit Hill Sd 161Abbeduto Nicole M$3,222.50
2017Madison Cusd 12Abbett Kathryn$65,073.17
2017St Charles Cusd 303Abbinante Trisha N$89,010.64
2017Erie Cusd 1Abbott Amanda B$72,408.24
2017Manhattan School District 114Abbott Anne M$57,971.50
2017Palatine Twp Hsd 211Abbott Charles A$105,481.30
2017Highland Cusd 5Abbott Fiona R$46,164.16
2017North Shore Sd 112Abbott Janet L$6,457.50
2017Naperville Cusd 203Abbott Jean M$106,664.14
2017River Bend Cusd 2Abbott Jesse S$59,072.39
2017Glen Ellyn Sd 41Abbott Christopher C$114,710.59
2017Palatine Ccsd 15Abbott Kristina M$79,911.52
2017Belvidere Cusd 100Abbott Lindsey N$62,831.31
2017Township Hsd 214Abbott Lori$129,022.84
2017School District U46Abbott Mary E$93,272.24
2017Round Lake Area Sd 116Abbott Susan E$75,664.21
2017Carbon Cliff-barstow Sd 36Abbott Tina M$71,915.16
2017Oak Lawn Hometown Sd 123Abbott-kareta Amy L$84,438.85
2017Rockford School District 205Abbott-walk Carrie L$74,719.22
2017Fremont School District 79Abdai Stefani L$3,528.05
2017Aurora West Usd 129Abdelhadi Christina A$48,263.73
2017North Palos Sd 117Abdelhadi Linda M$41,717.83
2017Fairmont School District 89Abdelhadi Sherry K$52,776.00
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Abdelmoneim Tania T$91,343.21
2017Champaign Cusd 4Abdelrahman Waleed G$407.14
2017Ridgeland Sd 122Abdelrasoul Rana$39,955.05
2017School District U46Abdic Mersiha$64,308.84
2017Arlington Heights Sd 25Abdnor Susan S$5,665.50
2017Harvey Sd 152Abdrabo Kamil Gadeer B$51,202.83
2017J S Morton Hsd 201Abdul Housner Kathleen L$74,744.05
2017Signal Hill Sd 181Abdullah Ezra$39.86
2017Belleville Thsd 201Abdullah Ezra$280.21
2017Central School District 104Abdullah Ezra$150.00
2017Valley View Cusd 365Abdullah-jones Taura B$69,862.00
2017Rich Twp Hsd 227Abdul-rahman Mustafa$82,589.38
2017School District U46Abe Miriam$95,250.61
2017Community High School Dist 117Abear Brandon S$4,314.00
2017Special Ed Dist Of Lake CountyAbear Brandon S$70,559.00
2017Burbank Sd 111Abeja Tara A$80,246.47
2017Township Hsd 214Abel Bradley S$130,582.75
2017Aero Special Educ CoopAbel Christa A$56,669.48
2017United Twp Hsd 30Abel Cynthia J$41.21
2017Valley View Cusd 365Abel Cynthia L$85,248.00
2017Keeneyville Sd 20Abel Daniel J$74,234.00
2017Pekin Public Sd 108Abel Jenny L$60,129.00
2017Geneva Cusd 304Abel Lisa L$11,845.00
2017Lake Forest Chsd 115Abel Rachel L$127,194.10
2017Schaumburg Ccsd 54Abel Tony M$1,944.00
2017Pecatonica Cusd 321Abel Valerie S$62,274.22
2017Kings Csd 144Abell Amy S$40,776.26
2017Williamson Cnty Spec EducAbell Janice H$91,922.54
2017Winchester Cusd 1Abell Jeffery D$57,329.62
2017Matteson Esd 162Abell Kim M$53,081.00
2017Eldorado Cusd 4Abell Lindsay N$39,664.83
2017Whiteside Sd 115Abell Thomas H$262.50
2017High Mount Sd 116Abell Thomas H$112.50
2017Belleville Thsd 201Abell Thomas H$1,743.14
2017Freeburg Chsd 77Abell Thomas H$3,467.25
2017Benjamin Sd 25Abels Sharon M$105,938.04
2017Des Plaines Ccsd 62Abelson Elizabeth A$91,183.00
2017Maine Twp Hsd 207Abend Johanna B$58,990.50
2017Vandalia Cusd 203Abendroth Maggie A$52,070.00
2017Valley View Cusd 365Aber Rebecca F$84,169.50
2017Galesburg Cusd 205Aberle Amanda L$70,161.88
2017Washington Chsd 308Aberle Victoria S$61,198.11
2017Jonesboro Ccsd 43Abernathy Amy E$48,057.34
2017Sauk Village Ccsd 168Abernathy Donald G$47,899.30
2017Kewanee Cusd 229Abernathy Heidi L$58,176.07
2017Canton Union Sd 66Abernathy Sheila C$9,540.00
2017School District U46Abernethy Laura L$54,610.68
2017Glenview Ccsd 34Abezetian Elizabeth A$49,861.68
2017Dekalb Cusd 428Abing-martinez Ashley R$59,440.43
2017Oak Park Esd 97Ablan Megan$63,084.00
2017Northbrook Sd 28Able Jennifer S$14,434.06
2017Thornton Twp Hsd 205Ablin Bradley S$126,976.20
2017Prairie Hills Esd 144Ablin Carrie L$113,109.47
2017Homewood Sd 153Ablin Lisa M$55,606.61
2017Palatine Ccsd 15Ablin Marilyn L$106,133.03
2017Kaneland Cusd 302Abner Jodie M$9,887.50
2017School District U46Abney Jaimie L$76,266.92
2017School District U46Abonce Maria E$71,869.12
2017Libertyville Chsd 128Abood Alicia L$84,802.34
2017School District U46Abordan Radwan$94,713.48
2017Leyden Chsd 212Abouchar Robert J$108,525.82
2017Burbank Sd 111Abousweilem Shwkar M$107,338.45
2017Community Usd 300Aboy Cristina$64,654.50
2017Evanston Twp Hsd 202Abplanalp Charles R$110,362.00
2017Glencoe Sd 35Abplanalp Chrystal A$12,214.96
2017Park Ridge Ccsd 64Abplanalp Chrystal A$540.00
2017Wilmette Sd 39Abraham Aida$805.00
2017Elmwood Park Cusd 401Abraham Aida$2,310.00
2017Belvidere Cusd 100Abraham Ann L$66,051.42
2017North Palos Sd 117Abraham Anne M$23,175.00
2017Palatine Ccsd 15Abraham Carl S$1,020.03
2017La Grange Sd 102Abraham Carmen$62,429.93
2017Maine Twp Hsd 207Abraham Gilit$136,390.25
2017Waukegan Cusd 60Abraham Jincey$58,474.69
2017Nippersink School District 2Abraham Larry P$3,700.00
2017Batavia Usd 101Abraham Laura M$96,274.00
2017Community Unit Sd 200Abraham Marilee$79,050.00
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Abraham Mary K$23,779.51
2017Elmwood Park Cusd 401Abraham Nerode P$48,820.52
2017Maywood Sd 89Abraham Noel J$73,879.00
2017Palatine Twp Hsd 211Abraham Patrick J$114,130.50
2017La Grange Sd 102Abraham Philip A$126,704.38
2017Valley View Cusd 365Abraham Sarah E$62,388.50
2017Maywood Sd 89Abraham Susan V$66,494.00
2017Beach Park Ccsd 3Abrahams Katherine M$63,854.67
2017Downers Grove Chs 99Abrahamsen Jena M$122,864.98
2017Rockford School District 205Abrahamson Patrick J$84,475.82
2017Glenview Ccsd 34Abram Diane M$76,761.00
2017Ridgeland Sd 122Abramczyk Michael J$74,468.00
2017Skokie Sd 69Abramite Angela J$65,611.94
2017Community Csd 59Abrams Carolyn F$128,537.08
2017Woodland Ccsd 50Abrams Darcy L$57,686.61
2017Olympia Cusd 16Abrams Lon F$73,657.60
2017Glenbard Twp Hsd 87Abrams Marisa A$107,082.00
2017Joliet Twp Hsd 204Abrams Robert D$74,632.69
2017Lake Forest Chsd 115Abrams Ryan D$119,004.53
2017Berwyn North Sd 98Abrantes Elisabete J$73,970.46
2017Libertyville Chsd 128Abrantes Rachelle B$110.00
2017Hawthorn Ccsd 73Abrego Arturo$120,953.68
2017Lincolnshire-prairie View 103Abrego Christine M$103,576.00
2017Itasca Sd 10Abrego Renata Cerqueira$40,840.10
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Abrell Michelle A$103,503.55
2017Plainfield Sd 202Abrell Ronald L Jr$247,581.25
2017Palatine Twp Hsd 211Abreu Ellen M$93,418.05
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Abruscato Ashley M$73,413.18
2017Arlington Heights Sd 25Abruscato Nancy Jo$114,468.50
2017Schaumburg Ccsd 54Abruzzo Brittany A$60,387.00
2017Harlem Usd 122Abruzzo Erin M$59,363.10
2017Pontiac Ccsd 429Abry Kathy L$90,670.86
2017Carbondale Chsd 165Absher Daron F$74,419.28
2017Carrier Mills-stonefort Sd 2Absher Geoffrey T$72,346.15
2017Norris City-omaha-enfield SdAbsher Terri L$2,678.57
2017Naperville Cusd 203Abshire Carolyn S$102,830.01
2017Aurora West Usd 129Abshire Phillip J$81,999.99
2017Belvidere Cusd 100Absolon Laura A$57,629.67
2017Maine Twp Hsd 207Abtahi Ali$3,175.00
2017Oak Lawn Chsd 229Abu Hilal Basel Z$210.00
2017Burbank Sd 111Abu Manneh Natalie J$48,207.50
2017Glen Ellyn Ccsd 89Abud Julie A$65,198.52
2017Evanston Ccsd 65Abudayeh Stephanie M$89,764.00
2017Indian Springs Sd 109Abukhaled Ahmad K$3,645.00
2017Kankakee School District 111Abundes Carlos$54,783.76
2017Waukegan Cusd 60Abundes Laura C$39,197.41
2017Ridgeland Sd 122Aburabah Takreed M$53,100.30
2017School District U46Aburto Martin E$69,267.20
2017Dekalb Cusd 428Aburto Victoria J$73,888.09
2017Community Consoldated Sd146Abusaad Ruba R$27,735.49
2017Community Hsd 218Abuzaghleh Rafif$70.95
2017Kirby Sd 140Abuzir Maysoon F$70,665.00
2017Community Csd 93Abuzneid Malak$19,984.18
2017Maercker Sd 60Abuzneid Malak$200.00
2017Burbank Sd 111Acanfora Debra M$4,265.00
2017Brookfield Sd 95Accardi Jason F$60,843.00
2017Plainfield Sd 202Accardo Jill R$97,421.55
2017Oswego Cusd 308Aceret Erica A$54,633.19
2017Batavia Usd 101Aceret Lindsey M$945.00
2017Troy Ccsd 30cAcevedo Allison L$56,042.20
2017School District U46Acevedo Annette Z$147,661.92
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Acevedo Bryan M$84,692.50
2017Forest Ridge Sd 142Acevedo Cassie M$48,363.24
2017Kankakee School District 111Acevedo David$79,778.56
2017Bradley School District 61Acevedo Elena C$49,307.04
2017Plainfield Sd 202Acevedo Jason L$77,556.00
2017Valley View Cusd 365Acevedo Kathleen D$75,693.50
2017Riverside-brookfield Sd 208Acevedo Margarita$55,997.24
2017Summit Hill Sd 161Acevedo Martin Jr$76,627.00
2017Avoca Sd 37Aceves Molly H$12,126.77
2017Niles Twp Chsd 219Aceves Ricardo$134,247.50
2017Schuyler - Industry Cusd 5Acheson Holly A$53,505.07
2017East Maine Sd 63Achille Phyllis$92,910.62
2017Seja 804 NssedAchler Sydney$356.64
2017Nippersink School District 2Achramowicz Linda J$60,006.59
2017Erie Cusd 1Achs Amy E$67,779.40
2017Hawthorn Ccsd 73Achs Jennifer M$59,470.15
2017La Grange South Sd 105Achter Karen L$315.00
2017Joliet School District 86Achter Stephanie A$58,777.06
2017Pekin Public Sd 108Achterberg John F$47,880.00
2017Pekin Public Sd 108Achterberg Marie E$61,663.00
2017Addison Sd 4Achtien Sharon A$86,743.06
2017Grayslake Ccsd 46Achtor Jessica M$45,897.53
2017Oak Park-river Forest Sd 200Achurra Lauren E$103,704.38
2017Plainfield Sd 202Acik Sevgi$49,304.00
2017Aurora West Usd 129Acker Christine A$67,705.44
2017Rockford School District 205Ackerman Beth J$69,899.99
2017School District U46Ackerman Bierlein Susan J$83,121.30
2017Freeport School District 145Ackerman Carol J$41,812.00
2017Carmi-white Cnty Cusd 5Ackerman Corey E$56,157.00
2017Waterloo Cusd 5Ackerman David M$69,595.97
2017Gallatin Cusd 7Ackerman Jana R$55,980.41
2017Triad Cusd 2Ackerman Joshua M$95,687.04
2017Belle Valley Sd 119Ackerman Julie A$109.89
2017East St Louis Sd 189Ackerman Julie A$58,110.00
2017Rantoul City Sd 137Ackerman Kari E$48,536.84
2017Edwardsville Cusd 7Ackerman Kelly L$53,890.01
2017Warren Twp Hsd 121Ackerman Michael S$2,498.75
2017Winnebago Cusd 323Ackerman Teresa N$67,416.64
2017Carmi-white Cnty Cusd 5Ackerman Tomi Joyce$62,788.00
2017West Central Cusd 235Ackermann Charlotte$51,960.25
2017West Prairie Cusd 103Ackers Angela M$51,209.20
2017School District U46Ackert Lynee L$97,256.53
2017Homer Ccsd 33Ackland Philip B$78,483.15
2017Barrington Cusd 220Ackert Joshua J$86,346.00
2017Oswego Cusd 308Ackley Theresa M$72,709.52
2017Schuyler - Industry Cusd 5Ackman Christy L$34,700.85
2017Schuyler - Industry Cusd 5Ackman Jason H$49,458.29
2017Rock Falls Elementary Sd 13Ackman Kyle S$110,482.05
2017Hutsonville Cusd 1Ackman Lyndsey J$33,047.05
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Ackman Mary C$78,177.48
2017Niles Twp Chsd 219Ackman Scott W$131,581.27
2017Dekalb Cusd 428Ackmann Carmelita D$104,637.31
2017Lake Forest Chsd 115Ackron Britta B$9,998.23
2017Waukegan Cusd 60Ackron Britta B$33,199.28
2017Kaneland Cusd 302Acksel Susan K$78,396.00
2017Community Usd 300Acoba Minda P$1,278.65
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Acoff Vanessa Z$5,624.98
2017Wabash & Ohio Valley Spec EducAcord Jennifer L$90,792.61
2017Wood Dale Sd 7Acord Lisa K$102,166.03
2017Aurora East Usd 131Acosta Alberto C$63,060.56
2017Palatine Twp Hsd 211Acosta Andres$139,165.50
2017Wauconda Cusd 118Acosta Barbara T$105,576.00
2017Valley View Cusd 365Acosta Cara L$72,168.00
2017Quincy Sd 172Acosta Ivan Dario$1,232.18
2017Rich Twp Hsd 227Acosta Ivette Y$71,485.62
2017Woodstock Cusd 200Acosta Lori J$2,964.00
2017Wheeling Ccsd 21Acosta Magaly$97,377.74
2017Batavia Usd 101Acosta Sandra M$79,394.50
2017Bloom Twp Hsd 206Acosta Valerie M$58,539.55
2017Highland Park Twp Hsd 113Acosta-carmona Jose F$138,012.00
2017Dupo Cusd 196Acra Kevin R$57,710.94
2017Pekin Public Sd 108Acra Tracy A$73,280.00
2017Carbondale Elementary Sd 95Acray Katherine A$50,424.17
2017Regional Office Of Educ 21Acree Arnetta L$824.18
2017Gibson City-melvin-sibley 5Acree Chad D$67,203.48
2017Gibson City-melvin-sibley 5Acree Jennifer L$54,128.01
2017Ball Chatham Cusd 5Acree Jodi M$59,424.60
2017Gibson City-melvin-sibley 5Acree Roy A$4,150.00
2017Spring Valley Ccsd 99Actis Melissa$33,270.79
2017Kinnikinnick Ccsd 131Acton Carol L$89,433.00
2017Winnebago Cnty Spec EducationActon Carol L$16,136.25
2017Villa Grove Cusd 302Acton Noreen M$66,241.16
2017Ridgewood Chsd 234Acuesta Kathleen$76,758.77
2017Oswego Cusd 308Acuff Kari E$26,778.58
2017Lyons Twp Hsd 204Acuna Ellen C$117,410.39
2017Plainfield Sd 202Acup Karen L$56,436.00
2017School District U46Adair Ann$281.61
2017Arlington Heights Sd 25Adair Grace M$265.50
2017Bunker Hill Cusd 8Adair Steven$1,095.00
2017Staunton Cusd 6Adair Steven$1,440.00
2017St Charles Cusd 303Adam Jennifer M$66,255.77
2017Rockford School District 205Adam Mary M$87,817.57
2017Huntley Csd 158Adam Matthew J$1,761.00
2017Mchenry Chsd 156Adam Matthew J$88,209.42
2017Community Unit Sd 200Adam Sara B$64,164.00
2017Litchfield Cusd 12Adam Susan Joy$58,351.00
2017Naperville Cusd 203Adamatis Patricia J$130,599.97
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Adamchik Robin L$568.86
2017Berwyn South Sd 100Adamczewski Kristina B$44,928.71
2017Palatine Ccsd 15Adamczyk Dawn M$80,977.00
2017Will Cnty School District 92Adamczyk Karen R$64,986.48
2017Rich Twp Hsd 227Adamczyk Mark M$65,167.67
2017Palatine Ccsd 15Adamczyk Michael M$209,269.05
2017Delavan Cusd 703Adamczyk-wonders Mary K$77,990.82
2017Community Usd 300Adame Shiloh C$64,467.99
2017Joliet School District 86Adame Terri A$56,155.00
2017Champaign Cusd 4Adamek Cynthia S$8,254.17
2017Rockford School District 205Adami Nicole M$54,760.23
2017Rockford School District 205Adami-bunyard Eppy K$89,189.00
2017Highland Cusd 5Adamick Jeanette E$48,630.51
2017Litchfield Cusd 12Adamick Peggy S$60,386.08
2017La Grange Area Dept Spec EdAdamik Anna E$91,602.82
2017La Grange Area Dept Spec EdAdamik Kelly W$74,288.40
2017St Charles Cusd 303Adamo April D$66,044.72
2017Downers Grove Gsd 58Adamo Elizabeth A$3,517.50
2017Palos Heights Sd 128Adamonis Evelynn M$93,942.38
2017Aurora West Usd 129Adamo Lauren M$39,593.59
2017Park Ridge Ccsd 64Adamowski Linda S$330.00
2017Lincoln Regional Safe SchoolAdamowski Quinnlin X$60,683.92
2017Troy Ccsd 30cAdamowski Stephanie M$67,739.23
2017Altamont Cusd 10Adams Aaron W$86.00
2017Effingham Cusd 40Adams Aaron W$135.00
2017Maine Twp Hsd 207Adams Alexander P$10,327.00
2017Libertyville Chsd 128Adams Alexander P$123,915.97
2017Maine Twp Hsd 207Adams Allyson L$92,558.65
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Adams Amanda K$59,617.83
2017La Salle Elementary Sd 122Adams Amy K$62,013.18
2017Central Cusd 4Adams Andra K$62,800.86
2017Kaskaskia Special EducationAdams Andrea L$4,638.77
2017Oswego Cusd 308Adams Angela K$68,013.66
2017Bensenville Sd 2Adams Angela L$84,865.54
2017Hoover Schrum Sd 157Adams Arion$41,092.25
2017Diamond Lake Sd 76Adams Asha$1,150.00
2017Raccoon Csd 1Adams Ashlee D$52,717.00
2017Glenview Ccsd 34Adams Ashley$57.52
2017Community Usd 300Adams Belinda T$68,429.94
2017Aurora East Usd 131Adams Benjamin J$1,400.00
2017Sherrard Cusd 200Adams Brian D$50,401.55
2017St Charles Cusd 303Adams Benjamin J$277.17
2017Carterville Cusd 5Adams Brian R$1,295.00
2017Thornton Fractional Hsd 215Adams Brown Mozella$95,333.67
2017Lake Forest Chsd 115Adams Candice C$54,779.93
2017Mclean County Usd 5Adams Candice F$77,092.78
2017Barrington Cusd 220Adams Caroline R$99,815.70
2017Villa Park Sd 45Adams Carolyn A$71,855.04
2017Kaneland Cusd 302Adams Cassidy E$80,161.00
2017Bloomington Sd 87Adams Christina L$62,228.99
2017Durand Cusd 322Adams Cindy A$60,632.10
2017Harlem Usd 122Adams Corrina L$49,297.65
2017Lincolnwood Sd 74Adams Courtney L$117,705.02
2017Aurora West Usd 129Adams Courtney E$84,826.37
2017La Grange Sd 102Adams Cynthia M$78,905.37
2017Matteson Esd 162Adams Deanna L$58,964.00
2017Kankakee School District 111Adams Deborah L$78,949.52
2017Wauconda Cusd 118Adams Denis J$73,817.61
2017Champaign Cusd 4Adams Edie$55,819.47
2017Il State Board Of EducationAdams Elisabeth L$46,443.00
2017Leyden Chsd 212Adams Elizabeth F$94,488.28
2017East Moline Sd 37Adams Faith L$82,170.00
2017North Palos Sd 117Adams Felicia J$4,560.00
2017Mchenry Chsd 156Adams Gina M$75,770.78
2017Collinsville Cusd 10Adams Glendola F$13,500.00
2017Big Hollow School District 38Adams Gretta L$70,533.00
2017Mannheim Sd 83Adams Guinevere G$66,900.26
2017Community Unit Sd 200Adams Heather A$93,581.80
2017Rock Island Sd 41Adams James J$74,810.62
2017Peoria Sd 150Adams Jamie D$20,342.48
2017Marion Cusd 2Adams Jamie R$61,712.69
2017Manteno Cusd 5Adams Jason R$73,383.74
2017Arlington Heights Sd 25Adams Jennifer A$88,351.68
2017Springfield Sd 186Adams Jennifer L$61,393.36
2017Mclean County Usd 5Adams Jennifer L$62,026.08
2017Park Ridge Ccsd 64Adams Jennifer L$81,788.91
2017Community Unit Sd 200Adams Jennifer M$127.50
2017Oswego Cusd 308Adams Jennifer M$68,303.15
2017Huntley Csd 158Adams Jill F$54,343.88
2017Sterling Cusd 5Adams Jo Anne$77,915.38
2017Frankfort Ccsd 157cAdams John D$73,029.32
2017School District U46Adams Jolanda C$87,382.76
2017Palos Ccsd 118Adams Joy E$69,888.27
2017Special Ed Dist Of Lake CountyAdams Josh L$38,628.00
2017Des Plaines Ccsd 62Adams Judith J$117,810.96
2017Odell Ccsd 435Adams Judith M$60,312.03
2017East Maine Sd 63Adams Julia H$55,885.75
2017Belvidere Cusd 100Adams Kathy L$92,276.91
2017Evergreen Park Esd 124Adams Katlin M$33,147.25
2017Flanagan-cornell Ud 74Adams Kelli L$52,548.00
2017Moline Usd 40Adams Kelly J$101,298.03
2017Crystal Lake Ccsd 47Adams Kelly S$59,189.09
2017Seneca Twp Hsd 160Adams Kelsey G$85,648.78
2017La Salle-peru Twp Hsd 120Adams Kristen A$71,469.31
2017Decatur School District 61Adams Kristi B$19,165.34
2017Limestone Chsd 310Adams Kristin A$74,103.27
2017Lombard Sd 44Adams Kristin M$92,353.39
2017Arlington Heights Sd 25Adams Kristine M$93,181.00
2017Naperville Cusd 203Adams Kyle W$85,722.14
2017Cahokia Cusd 187Adams Lakeisha N$5,780.21
2017Aurora West Usd 129Adams Lincoln T$86,835.15
2017Gallatin Cusd 7Adams Lindsay M$47,627.52
2017Belle Valley Sd 119Adams Lindsey N$51,424.60
2017Woodland Ccsd 50Adams Lisa A$87,756.90
2017Batavia Usd 101Adams Lisa J$68,869.50
2017Wood River-hartford Esd 15Adams Lynne K$47,934.66
2017Rockford School District 205Adams Maria L$69,155.21
2017Springfield Sd 186Adams Marsha A$2,046.00
2017Salem School District 111Adams Marty R$108,239.87
2017Columbia Cusd 4Adams Mary E$69,665.63
2017Waukegan Cusd 60Adams Mary S$79,747.80
2017Byron Cusd 226Adams Mary T$100,662.54
2017Meridian Cusd 223Adams Megan L$50,187.89
2017Serena Cusd 2Adams Megan N$74,347.97
2017Aurora East Usd 131Adams Melinda S$67,347.78
2017Mclean County Usd 5Adams Melissa J$68,982.14
2017Bunker Hill Cusd 8Adams Michael C$68,958.64
2017Aurora East Usd 131Adams Michael J$74,743.24
2017Mchenry Ccsd 15Adams Michael L$122,531.88
2017Community Hsd 155Adams Michael P$125,442.40
2017Quincy Sd 172Adams Michelle L$51,603.32
2017Northbrook Esd 27Adams Michelle R$100,366.08
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Adams Nancy J$104,440.57
2017Bourbonnais Sd 53Adams Nicole L$48,657.14
2017Rockford School District 205Adams Nicole M$76,026.37
2017Zion Elementary Sd 6Adams Nina M$78,823.50
2017River Trails Sd 26Adams Olga$76,617.00
2017Community Hsd 218Adams Pamela L$104,108.50
2017Zion Elementary Sd 6Adams Olyvia$373.68
2017Oak Lawn Hometown Sd 123Adams Patrick D$93,000.98
2017Thornton Twp Hsd 205Adams Paul D$77,254.22
2017Morton Cusd 709Adams Rachel A$59,760.92
2017Schaumburg Ccsd 54Adams Rachelle M$2,542.00
2017Belleville Area Spec EdAdams Raquel N$307.69
2017Lebanon Cusd 9Adams Raquel N$105.00
2017Crystal Lake Ccsd 47Adams Rebecca A$72,027.37
2017Woodridge Sd 68Adams Rebecca L$64,498.13
2017Decatur School District 61Adams Roger W$12,045.00
2017Alton Cusd 11Adams Ronald G$64,525.18
2017Tuscola Cusd 301Adams Ruth E$55,090.00
2017Nippersink School District 2Adams Sarah A$550.00
2017Woodridge Sd 68Adams Sarah M$64,499.00
2017Palos Ccsd 118Adams Scott$82,122.54
2017Cook County Sd 130Adams Sharon A$66,269.32
2017North Chicago Sd 187Adams Sheena T$51,813.24
2017Elementary Sd 159Adams Shelby C$60,539.63
2017Richland School District 88aAdams Stacy L$66,527.40
2017Lockport School District 91Adams Stephanie A$50,180.00
2017Sherrard Cusd 200Adams Susan L$5,715.00
2017Moline Usd 40Adams Susan L$100.00
2017Beach Park Ccsd 3Adams Susan S$50,738.00
2017Mclean County Usd 5Adams Suzanne E$60,072.69
2017Matteson Esd 162Adams Taneisha J$1,017.57
2017Lena Winslow Cusd 202Adams Tara A$38,615.00
2017Minooka Chs 111Adams Tracey I$6,690.75
2017Special Ed Dist Of Lake CountyAdams Tracy L$99,899.00
2017Naperville Cusd 203Adams Troy D$22,963.98
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Adams Troy D$56,004.37
2017Joliet School District 86Adams Twanette$57,508.73
2017Edwardsville Cusd 7Adams Wendy R$73,117.56
2017West Central Il Spec Educ CoopAdams William C$61,317.00
2017Harvard Cusd 50Adams Yolanda L$2,684.37
2017Regional Office Of Educ 47Adams Zachary K$1,098.90
2017West Carroll Cusd 314Adams Zachary K$66,769.86
2017Mchenry Ccsd 15Adams-durkin Maureen C$96,886.28
2017Diamond Lake Sd 76Adamsick Catherine B$64,118.92
2017Indian Springs Sd 109Adamski Agnes A$19,689.28
2017Skokie-fairview Sd 72Adamski Amy L$97,360.09
2017Wheeling Ccsd 21Adamski Beth A$3,477.00
2017Palatine Ccsd 15Adamski Beth A$449.61
2017Arlington Heights Sd 25Adamski Beth A$1,018.50
2017Prospect Heights Sd 23Adamski Beth A$1,705.00
2017Burbank Sd 111Adamski Renae M$45,995.50
2017Palatine Twp Hsd 211Adamski Suzanne M$137,403.90
2017Round Lake Area Sd 116Adamson Edward A$82,579.59
2017East Moline Sd 37Adamson James A$55,528.07
2017Lake Zurich Cusd 95Adamson Jennifer D$51,479.75
2017Plainfield Sd 202Adamson Jennifer L$72,852.50
2017Alsip-hazlgrn-oaklwn Sd 126Adamson Kimberly C$66,252.40
2017Silvis School District 34Adamson Leslie K$41,564.54
2017Plainfield Sd 202Adamson Michael W$67,115.25
2017Riverton Cusd 14Adamson Scot M$60,226.00
2017Lyons Twp Hsd 204Adamson-kotlicky Cynthia H$132,377.94
2017Indian Prairie Cusd 204Adapala Srivalli$90.00
2017Crystal Lake Ccsd 47Adaska Marni L$52,155.53
2017Cicero Sd 99Adaszak Jeannie M$67,768.59
2017Northbrook Sd 28Adatto Nanette$2,278.39
2017Community Hsd 155Adcock Brian L$124,822.12
2017Pontiac Ccsd 429Adcock Deborah L$80,628.34
2017Township Hsd 214Adcock Jason E$11,214.02
2017Palatine Twp Hsd 211Adcock Jason E$112,316.20
2017Tolono Cusd 7Adcock Julie S$3,780.00
2017Paw Paw Cusd 271Adcock Stanten A$190,228.56
2017Pekin Public Sd 108Adcock Suzanne L$70,233.00
2017School District U46Addams Jamie L$72,937.50
2017Maine Twp Hsd 207Addante Christopher T$127,813.00
2017Des Plaines Ccsd 62Addante Diana M$83,124.00
2017Community Csd 93Addante Judy L$62,010.11
2017Mt Olive Usd 5Adden Alice J$62,621.11
2017Triad Cusd 2Addington Debbie M$75,230.69
2017Pontiac Ccsd 429Addis Kiley J$68,116.00
2017Aurora East Usd 131Addison Carrie E$100,655.46
2017Mattoon Cusd 2Addison Jayne L$332.50
2017Charleston Cusd 1Addison Jayne L$6,240.00
2017Berkeley Sd 87Addison Krystol L$72,747.67
2017Marion Cusd 2Addison Nathan W$80,030.76
2017La Grange South Sd 105Adducci Amanda M$58,904.15
2017Plainfield Sd 202Adducci Nancy R$66,819.25
2017Glenbard Twp Hsd 87Adduci Andrew D$107,592.00
2017Alsip-hazlgrn-oaklwn Sd 126Adduci Catherine A$71,345.40
2017St Charles Cusd 303Adduci Jill R$7,640.75
2017Consolidated Hsd 230Ade Brian D$105,526.16
2017Pana Cusd 8Ade Derek M$459.38
1-500of 128,820
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