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Annual Wages

2017Pontiac Sd 90Mund Anne T$20,951.66
2017City Of BloomingtonYoung David E$67,384.02
2017Champaign Urbana Mass Tran DisDevault Robert L$67,077.65
2017Cheney Grove TownshipBottles Betty J$21,600.00
2017Mclean CountyPayne Teresa$33,824.84
2017Carlinville Sd 1Freehill Karen S$20,326.67
2017Town Of NormalGibson Karen J$47,374.37
2017Chicago Heights Sd 170Howard Yvonne R$19,398.90
2017River Forest Sd 90Pisani Gino$28,134.87
2017Comm Unit Sd 203Harle Georgia G$21,059.04
2017Ill Mun Retirement Fund StaffAnderson Helen G$48,377.56
2017Summit Sd 104Gonzalez Maricela$43,697.12
2017Geneva Sd 304Aucunas Georgia$9,531.09
2017Joliet Sd 86Steele Sinar$26,625.76
2017Comm Unit Sd 300Cigrang Donna J$44,854.11
2017Des Plaines Park DistWanat Joseph G$62,934.77
2017Village Of Carol StreamMcnamara Kathleen R$92,420.26
2017Special Ed District Of Lake CoFlynn Kathleen A$88,558.79
2017Comm Cons Sd 54Caminitti Kevin J$98,961.68
2017Village Of Tinley ParkChojnacki Therese A$56,652.91
2017Champaign CountyRietz Julia R$154,636.68
2017Valley View Cu Sd 365uHaley Nicole M$109,151.08
2017Comm High Sd 94Hunter Beth S$93,297.88
2017New Trier Township High Sd 203Ono Margaret A$38,142.65
2017Lincoln Way Csd 210Hegeduis Karen M$14,770.27
2017Riverside Sd 96Burandt Rosemary$40,813.60
2017Batavia Pub Lib DistEdison Christine C$25,676.42
2017Downers Grove Sd 58Larsen Mark L$16,648.62
2017Elmhurst Cu Sd 205Fasano Carmela$21,808.53
2017Evanston Sd 202Coulter Ronald$81,098.31
2017Village Of Sugar GroveMagdziarz Walter$107,948.99
2017School Assn For Spec Ed DupageNowak Susan$54,447.68
2017Comm Unit Sd 203Halweg Debra A$23,398.64
2017Chicago Ridge School Ds 127.5Racevice Larry J$33,710.40
2017East Maine Sd 63Kowalyshen Eileen A$26,534.83
2017Forest Park Sd 91Moy Lotus$32,923.86
2017Antioch Sd 34Brannstrom Sherri S$13,177.91
2017Winnetka Park DistJohnson Matthew H$88,902.67
2017Village Of Glen EllynBannister Sharon M$51,893.68
2017Maercker Sd 60Kriks Norene$18,785.86
2017Oak Lawn Sd 229Kraiss Wendy V$63,318.60
2017Woodridge Sd 68Smat Kathleen M$19,877.10
2017Lyons Township High Sd 204Moran Kathryn F$95,379.44
2017City Of CantonFord Larry L$68,600.30
2017Ill Valley Central Cu Sd 321Walker Cindy L$5,808.99
2017Peoria Sd 150Young Levon$33,677.69
2017Peoria CountyNellum Dan$35,151.48
2017Peoria Pl Dr And Park DistPearson Barry M$39,159.70
2017East Peoria Sd 86Martin Debra A$26,557.69
2017Woodford CountyPyles Linda K$28,490.40
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