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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - Village, Township, County, Park, Library, Local

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Annual Wages

2017Clay CountyNigam Gaurav$561,215.51
2017Ill Mun Retirement Fund StaffShah Dhvani$391,442.20
2017Clay CountyCycholl Brandon L$391,397.79
2017Henry Hospital DistJeffries Kevin M$387,654.66
2017City Of ClintonKureishy Farrukh A$372,700.50
2017Henry Hospital DistSnider Crystal L$371,478.25
2017Ill Assoc Of Park DistrictsMurphy Peter M$325,312.71
2017Dupage CountyHartman Dewey W$324,431.41
2017Park District Risk Mgmt AgencyDavis Brett M$320,683.75
2017Cgh Medical-sterlingZander Cynthia L$300,947.30
2017Henry Hospital DistSatkauskas Remigijus$287,870.60
2017Tst T35 R14Grossi Robert G$287,592.62
2017Cass CountyRoyeen Abdul W$280,562.28
2017Schuyler Co Hospital DistMashindi Rudo$273,610.78
2017Village Of GrayslakeEllis Michael J$273,288.88
2017Ill Mun Retirement Fund StaffKosiba Louis W$270,562.59
2017Mason District HospitalYetter Tad A$270,000.16
2017Park District Risk Mgmt AgencyDutton Edward F$270,000.00
2017Mason District HospitalSchultz Bruce W$270,000.00
2017Cgh Medical-sterlingPhillips Mikel W$270,000.00
2017Henry Hospital DistMeyer-mccright Anne M$270,000.00
2017Mason District HospitalWagoner Richard W$270,000.00
2017Lake CountyDesapereira Elisabeth$269,937.55
2017City Of Lake ForestKiely Robert R$263,287.03
2017Village Of NorthbrookNahrstadt Richard A$261,581.87
2017Will CountyWilliams Jeffrey J$260,202.00
2017Clay CountyKlingler Michael P$258,943.72
2017Dupage CountyFlanagan Steven P$258,773.96
2017Waukegan Community Unit Sd 60Morris Thomas A$256,292.43
2017Schuyler Co Hospital DistRakita Jason$255,871.86
2017Village Of RosemontStephens Christopher R$255,647.86
2017Village Of RosemontNagle Patrick R$255,647.86
2017City Of AuroraWiet William A$255,256.57
2017Village Of PalatineOttesen Reid T$253,137.50
2017Schuyler Co Hospital DistSmith Janelle B$252,535.82
2017City Of AuroraSchroth Kenneth D$251,869.98
2017Tst T36 R14Varnado Eugene C$249,760.16
2017Village Of Mt ProspectCassady Michael J$248,281.89
2017City Of PrincetonSchnabel Annette D$246,460.54
2017City Of ClintonWilliams Brit M$245,861.98
2017Lake CountyBurton Barry A$245,005.01
2017Illinois Municipal LeagueCole Brad$244,674.67
2017Village Of Buffalo GroveBragg Dane C$244,024.33
2017Lake CountySingh Hargurmukh P$242,668.35
2017Village Of SchaumburgTownsend Brian$240,770.32
2017Union Sd 46Sanders Anthony V$239,935.02
2017Lake CountyPyslar Anatoliy$239,607.38
2017Fox Valley Park DistrictPilmer James E$239,396.28
2017North Shore Water Reclmtn DistDorn Brian E$238,609.96
2017Village Of Hoffman EstatesNorris James H$237,085.53
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