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2016Water ManagementAaron Elvia JWater Rate Taker$52,858.13
2015City Of ChicagoAaron Elvia JWater Rate Taker$99,408.06
2017Department Of PoliceAaron Jeffery MSergeant$132,264.32
2015City Of ChicagoAaron Jeffery MSergeant$95,748.01
2017Department Of PoliceAaron KarinaPolice Officer (assigned As Detective)$106,873.43
2015City Of ChicagoAaron KarinaPolice Officer (assigned As Detective)$99,511.91
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Aaron Kimberlei RChief Contract Expediter$91,893.50
2017Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Aaron Kimberlei RChief Contract Expediter$98,677.50
2015City Of ChicagoAaron Kimberlei RChief Contract Expediter$86,432.50
2017Water ManagementAbad Jr Vicente MCivil Engineer Iv$109,974.00
2016Water ManagementAbad Jr Vicente MCivil Engineer Iv$107,281.50
2015City Of ChicagoAbad Jr Vicente MCivil Engineer Iv$109,361.11
2017Health DeptAbarca AnabelSenior Policy Analyst$53,052.92
2016Health DeptAbarca AnabelSenior Policy Analyst$45,292.50
2015City Of ChicagoAbarca AnabelSenior Policy Analyst$70,764.00
2017Department Of TransportationAbarca EmmanuelConcrete Laborer$49,492.71
2016Department Of TransportationAbarca EmmanuelConcrete Laborer$54,372.87
2015City Of ChicagoAbarca EmmanuelConcrete Laborer$53,461.18
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAbascal Reece ETraffic Control Aide-hourly$19,395.41
2017Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAbascal Reece ETraffic Control Aide-hourly$21,646.67
2015City Of ChicagoAbascal Reece ETraffic Control Aide-hourly$3,755.97
2016Committee On FinanceAbbasi ChristopheStaff Asst To The Alderman$49,903.00
2017Committee On FinanceAbbasi ChristopheStaff Asst To The Alderman$50,436.00
2015City Of ChicagoAbbasi ChristopheStaff Asst To The Alderman$28,547.00
2016Department Of AviationAbbatacola Robert JElectrical Mechanic$125,575.90
2017Department Of AviationAbbatacola Robert JElectrical Mechanic$128,342.40
2017Streets And SanitationAbbate Joseph LPool Motor Truck Driver$88,641.65
2015City Of ChicagoAbbatacola Robert JElectrical Mechanic$111,362.50
2016Streets And SanitationAbbate Joseph LPool Motor Truck Driver$28,466.65
2015City Of ChicagoAbbate Joseph LPool Motor Truck Driver$22,650.55
2017Department Of PoliceAbbate Terry MPolice Officer$99,403.61
2015City Of ChicagoAbbate Terry MPolice Officer$100,351.76
2017Department Of FireAbbatemarco James JFire Engineer-emt$195,154.12
2016Department Of FireAbbatemarco James JFire Engineer-emt$143,903.76
2015City Of ChicagoAbbott Lynise MClerk Iii$47,044.12
2015City Of ChicagoAbbatemarco James JFire Engineer-emt$120,437.79
2017Independent Police Review AuthAbbruzzese William JInvestigator - Ipra Ii$10,826.90
2015City Of ChicagoAbbruzzese William JInvestigator - Ipra Ii$76,455.37
2017Department Of FireAbdellatif Aref RFirefighter (per Arbitrators Award)-paramedic$138,589.71
2016Department Of FireAbdellatif Aref RFirefighter (per Arbitrators Award)-paramedic$106,892.19
2015City Of ChicagoAbdellatif Aref RFirefighter (per Arbitrators Award)-paramedic$140,981.12
2017Department Of PoliceAbdelmajeid AzizPolice Officer$97,177.64
2015City Of ChicagoAbdelmajeid AzizPolice Officer$104,403.10
2017Department Of FireAbdollahzadeh AliFirefighter/paramedic$106,796.46
2016Department Of FireAbdollahzadeh AliFirefighter/paramedic$91,397.19
2015City Of ChicagoAbdollahzadeh AliFirefighter/paramedic$104,977.14
2017Water ManagementAbdul-karim Muhammad AEngineering Technician Vi$111,807.30
2016Water ManagementAbdul-karim Muhammad AEngineering Technician Vi$108,812.74
2015City Of ChicagoAbdul-karim Muhammad AEngineering Technician Vi$110,624.28
2015City Of ChicagoAbdullah Askia KLegislative Aide$11,419.51
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