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Year: 2016
Employer Name: Streets And Sanitation
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Annual Wages

2016Water ManagementSims DemetriusWater Rate Taker$90,670.00
2016Water ManagementSkowron JohnWater Rate Taker$101,611.81
2016Water ManagementSmith Nancy AWater Rate Taker$64,369.01
2016Water ManagementTate GaryWater Rate Taker$82,278.90
2016Water ManagementThomas HowardWater Rate Taker$78,874.62
2016Water ManagementTignor Darryl BWater Rate Taker$78,738.00
2016Water ManagementTravis Cook Leslie RWater Rate Taker$76,809.16
2016Water ManagementVelazquez JohnWater Rate Taker$78,381.75
2016Water ManagementPutz Andrea RWater Quality Manager$115,602.50
2016Water ManagementRudmin Kenneth DWater Quality Inspector I/c$34,780.67
2016Water ManagementJohnson Patricia AWater Quality Inspector$66,635.04
2016Water ManagementMaciel Sandra MWater Quality Inspector$60,987.13
2016Water ManagementThreatt Denise RWater Quality Inspector$57,627.69
2016Water ManagementHill WillieWater Meter Machinist - Trainee$4,493.28
2016Water ManagementAnderson HarveyWater Meter Machinist$7,423.68
2016Water ManagementBajic John AWater Meter Machinist$34,841.71
2016Water ManagementClark Mark AWater Meter Machinist$83,682.80
2016Water ManagementDavenport ClarenceWater Meter Machinist$18,420.80
2016Water ManagementDurham Patrick LWater Meter Machinist$24,749.73
2016Water ManagementGordon Donald RWater Meter Machinist$82,724.23
2016Water ManagementGreen John FWater Meter Machinist$81,900.63
2016Water ManagementHjelmgren James AWater Meter Machinist$86,102.16
2016Water ManagementJansky Thomas AWater Meter Machinist$85,988.74
2016Water ManagementJohnson Iii EugeneWater Meter Machinist$7,423.68
2016Water ManagementJones CharlesWater Meter Machinist$7,423.68
2016Water ManagementJones Jr Frank BWater Meter Machinist$84,507.48
2016Water ManagementKolb Gary JWater Meter Machinist$84,787.65
2016Water ManagementKubiak Walter FWater Meter Machinist$84,566.15
2016Water ManagementO Connor Jr Michael JWater Meter Machinist$84,483.78
2016Water ManagementOlbera Sr Martin RWater Meter Machinist$78,376.18
2016Water ManagementPfannkuche Joseph WWater Meter Machinist$83,329.50
2016Water ManagementPrice Johnny LWater Meter Machinist$66,168.83
2016Water ManagementPrzyby Wayne PWater Meter Machinist$39,423.04
2016Water ManagementReynolds TimmieWater Meter Machinist$0.00
2016Water ManagementStroud Jr James EWater Meter Machinist$79,149.67
2016Water ManagementO Neal RozellaWater Meter Assessor$85,432.94
2016Water ManagementRobinson JerryWater Meter Assessor$90,670.00
2016Water ManagementRodriguez Edward LWater Meter Assessor$78,883.50
2016Water ManagementRussnak Thomas WWater Meter Assessor$90,670.00
2016Water ManagementSojka Jeffrey AWater Meter Assessor$91,599.06
2016Water ManagementHo Kwok LWater Conservation Engineer$105,710.50
2016Water ManagementJacob LovelyWater Chemist Iv$92,680.04
2016Water ManagementJulion Jimmie LWater Chemist Iv$98,343.42
2016Water ManagementWashington JosephWater Chemist Iv$98,476.34
2016Water ManagementSiddiqui Abdurrazza RWater Chemist Iii$104,815.57
2016Water ManagementAnder Perry AWater Chemist Ii$92,386.83
2016Water ManagementAshley Karma TWater Chemist Ii$82,908.53
2016Water ManagementAtkins Joanna MWater Chemist Ii$52,095.68
2016Water ManagementAzeem Mohammed AWater Chemist Ii$58,442.05
2016Water ManagementBoyce Adner LWater Chemist Ii$99,976.50
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