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Year: 2016
Employer Name: Water Management
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2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAcevedo JosuePolice Communications Operator Ii$84,008.39
2016Department Of FireAcevedo Manuel AFirefighter$102,701.35
2016Business Affairs/consumer Pro.Acevedo MarisolSenior Public Information Officer$90,652.20
2016Department Of AviationAcevedo MikeAviation Security Officer$68,000.80
2016Department Of AviationAcevedo Steven APool Motor Truck Driver$2,000.72
2016Department Of LawAchilles Amber LChief Asst Corporation Counsel$125,716.00
2016Department Of FireAchtel Scott RFirefighter-emt$100,750.57
2016Department Of FireAckermann Michael AParamedic I/c$93,370.82
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAcklin Qiana DCrossing Guard$15,197.40
2016Chicago Public LibraryAcosta Martha ALibrary Associate$68,671.38
2016Department Of AviationAcosta Rosa MParking Enforcement Aide$57,862.50
2016Streets And SanitationAcosta Pablo SSanitation Laborer$81,816.01
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Acres Anthony EConstruction Laborer$86,961.95
2016Streets And SanitationAdair StevenSanitation Laborer$75,722.79
2016Chicago Public LibraryAdalwulf Audrey ELibrary Page$3,776.03
2016Department Of TransportationAdam Michael AMotor Truck Driver$73,473.96
2016Streets And SanitationAdam RichardForeman Of Motor Truck Drivers$92,195.10
2016Department Of FinanceAdamczyk Jr JanBooter - Parking$66,948.48
2016Department Of FireAdamczyk Lawrence MFirefighter$109,155.78
2016Department Of AviationAdame PedroCustodial Worker$45,006.49
2016Department Of FireAdamik Matthew WFirefighter/paramedic$103,303.72
2016Department Of FireAdamow Jeffrey WFirefighter-emt$94,421.75
2016Department Cultural AffairsAdams David ESpecial Events Coord Iii$84,104.50
2016Chicago Public LibraryAdams Deanie MLibrarian Ii$59,011.50
2016Health DeptAdams DelricePublic Health Administrator Iii$60,753.36
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAdams El WarrenCrossing Guard$2,406.44
2016Department Of TransportationAdams ErwinAsphalt Laborer$83,653.00
2016Water ManagementAdams Eula MData Entry Operator$49,764.80
2016Streets And SanitationAdams Gary WSanitation Laborer$76,933.73
2016Department Of AviationAdams Gregory MAviation Security Officer$59,691.95
2016Business Affairs/consumer Pro.Adams Gregory WAdministrative Asst Iii$74,986.00
2016Department Of TransportationAdams HaroldConcrete Laborer$35,779.80
2016Department Of FireAdams Jr John WFirefighter-emt$99,582.12
2016Streets And SanitationAdams KrystaGeneral Laborer - Dss$31,032.11
2016Dept Of Planning & DevelopmentAdams LeahAccounting Technician Ii$64,029.76
2016Chicago Public LibraryAdams Marjorie ELibrary Page$11,103.55
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Adams Michael JWatchman$40,990.88
2016Department Of LawAdams Olivia ILegal Secretary$82,288.00
2016Streets And SanitationAdams Quan RMotor Truck Driver$87,641.06
2016Health DeptAdams QuenjanaInformation Coord$24,280.25
2016Dept Of Procurement ServicesAdams Raymond BSr Procurement Specialist$19,122.27
2016Department Of FireAdams Raymond TLieutenant-emt$124,554.39
2016Department Of BuildingsAdams Reginald KPlumbing Inspector$101,405.00
2016Department Of BuildingsAdams Robert LVentilation And Furnace Inspector$103,145.88
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAdams RositaCrossing Guard - Per Cba$10,900.44
2016Streets And SanitationAdams SheilaGeneral Laborer - Dss$18,067.97
2016Chicago Public LibraryAdams Sheryll ALibrarian Iv$98,222.50
2016Business Affairs/consumer Pro.Adams StanleySupvsr Of Compensation$92,312.00
2016Streets And SanitationAdams TalmisePool Motor Truck Driver$2,940.56
2016Department Of TransportationAdams Tanera CCivil Engineer Iv$107,281.50
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