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Year: 2016
Employer Name: Water Management
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Annual Wages

2016Streets And SanitationAguilera TonyMotor Truck Driver$5,019.60
2016Streets And SanitationAguirre AlexSanitation Laborer$59,844.89
2016Department Of TransportationAguirre Julian JPool Motor Truck Driver$80,558.03
2016Department Of TransportationAguirre GuadalupeAdministrative Services Officer Ii$95,287.65
2016Department Of TransportationAguirre Robert JLoad Dispatcher$115,460.43
2016Business Affairs/consumer Pro.Agyekum KofiProgrammer/analyst$90,051.50
2016Chicago Public LibraryAharanwa Alexander ELibrarian I$74,597.62
2016Department Of FireAhern Michael JFire Engineer-emt$140,788.86
2016Department Of FireAhern Patrick JFirefighter$95,599.00
2016Department Of FireAhlgrim Michael LFirefighter-emt$80,205.04
2016Department Of FireAhlheim Margaret LLieutenant-emt$120,338.86
2016Department Of AviationAhmad FarooqLaborer$83,668.27
2016Department Of LawAhmad HooryaAsst Corporation Counsel$44,753.75
2016Inspector Generals OfficeAhmed Ammar EDir Of Information Systems$32,185.44
2016Water ManagementAhmed KhalidChief Programmer/analyst$114,774.50
2016Department Of FinanceAhmed Mohammad AParking Enforcement Aide$55,643.20
2016Department Of TransportationAhmed NaeemaChief Voucher Expediter$22,530.55
2016Department Of AviationAhmed NafeesDeputy Commissioner$121,533.00
2016Dept Of Planning & DevelopmentAhmed Rizwana PSenior Research Analyst$81,952.00
2016Department Of TransportationAhmed Shahrukh ZData Entry Operator$43,880.76
2016Department Of TransportationAhmed SyedField Service Specialist Ii$56,094.17
2016Department Of FireAikens Bradley KCaptain-emt$152,136.13
2016Health DeptAikens Clora MPublic Health Nurse Iv$109,401.73
2016Health DeptAikens Janet SMedical X-ray Technologist$9,327.79
2016Department Of FinanceAikonedo Paul EProjects Administrator$25,799.09
2016Chicago Public LibraryAimonovitch AmyLibrarian I$49,195.00
2016Department Of AviationAinuddin Sal NMotor Truck Driver$94,152.58
2016Streets And SanitationAinuddin Zahid NMotor Truck Driver$71,994.89
2016Streets And SanitationAitken Camuhoo RPool Motor Truck Driver$72,755.31
2016Family And Support ServicesAjibodu LindaTitle V Program Trainee I$8,839.88
2016Board Of Election CommissionerAjzyk Edward GPrincipal Clerk-elections$70,039.62
2016Department Of FireAkers Derec AFirefighter-emt$100,892.25
2016Office Of City TreasurerAkhtar SaeedAsst City Treasurer$88,379.00
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Akhtar Syed JOperating Engineer-group A$103,454.78
2016Mayor's OfficeAkinlemibola Grace OAdministrative Asst$56,054.94
2016Streets And SanitationAkins LisaSanitation Laborer$78,527.27
2016Department Of TransportationAkins Lou AnnPool Motor Truck Driver$70,415.31
2016Health DeptAl Amin Mahasin ICommunicable Disease Control Investigator Ii$82,288.00
2016Department Of BuildingsAl Gholeh Hasan MProject Manager - Buildings$85,631.53
2016Water ManagementAl Hajje Mohamad HFiltration Engineer Iv$141,261.81
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAlagna Anthony JPolice Communications Operator I$71,850.50
2016Department Of FinanceAlam Syed SAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of FireAlamo Roberto GFirefighter$93,423.09
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Alanis OscarMachinist (automotive)$99,165.40
2016Department Of AviationAlaniz Robert ACustodial Worker$44,848.72
2016Department Of FireAlaniz SandraAdministrative Asst Iii$68,313.50
2016Health DeptAlanzo SharonPublic Health Nurse I$95,692.42
2016Dept Of Planning & DevelopmentAlarcon Luis JLoan Processing Specialist$84,689.50
2016Office Of City ClerkAlarcon MarisolStudent Intern - City Clerk$2,063.88
2016Streets And SanitationAlba Saul BMotor Truck Driver$80,163.35
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