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Year: 2016
Employer Name: Water Management
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Annual Wages

2016Department Of FireAlbano Marc NFirefighter-emt$83,369.51
2016Health DeptAlbarillo Verbena SPublic Health Nutritionist Iii$69,962.00
2016Chicago Public LibraryAlbarran DaisyLibrary Associate$29,018.20
2016Department Of FireAlbarran FabianFirefighter-emt$98,994.34
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAlbarran Frank JCoordinating Fire Communications Operator$133,706.13
2016Dept Of Planning & DevelopmentAlbert DamianFinancial Planning Analyst$10,543.50
2016Department Of FireAlbert Iii Thomas MFirefighter/paramedic$42,041.38
2016Streets And SanitationAlbert LouisSanitation Laborer$74,973.37
2016Business Affairs/consumer Pro.Alberts Donna MRevenue Investigator Ii$88,013.88
2016Department Of FireAlberts Richard AFirefighter$99,422.37
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Albin Raymond MEquipment Dispatcher$80,813.86
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Albrecht Daniel RMachinist (automotive)$120,932.28
2016Department Of FireAlbright Keith EFire Engineer-emt$144,157.28
2016Mayor's Ofc People/disabilityAlbritton Joseph ADeputy Commissioner$100,585.00
2016Water ManagementAlcala Jose PConstruction Laborer$95,055.88
2016Streets And SanitationAlcala Louis APool Motor Truck Driver$683.52
2016Streets And SanitationAlcala RubenSanitation Laborer$78,403.05
2016Health DeptAlcantar CeliaAccounting Technician Iii$82,288.00
2016Streets And SanitationAlcantar Denise GPool Motor Truck Driver$11,990.92
2016Department Of TransportationAlcantar RamiroStreet Light Repair Worker$68,070.06
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAlcantara ElizabethPolice Communications Operator I$55,340.63
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAlcantara Jovita LCrossing Guard$13,378.86
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAlcantara RosioCrossing Guard - Per Cba$10,271.32
2016Department Of LawAlcaraz Angel GAsst Corporation Counsel$59,447.00
2016Department Of FireAlcauter EliasardFirefighter-emt$94,192.67
2016Health DeptAlcazar Guadalupe RPublic Health Nurse Ii$90,487.77
2016Department Of TransportationAlcozer JosephTraffic Signal Repairman$117,550.15
2016Water ManagementAldana J FConstruction Laborer$102,988.04
2016Streets And SanitationAldugom Nabil KSanitation Clerk$72,126.55
2016Department Of FireAldworth James PLieutenant-emt$120,453.33
2016Department Of AviationAlegado Samuel MOperating Engineer-group C$98,849.79
2016Board Of Election CommissionerAlegria Cristina GClerk - Bd Of Elections$27,946.10
2016Department Of TransportationAlejandre Rocky JMotor Truck Driver$9,563.19
2016Department Of Human ResourcesAlejo Juan ATesting Specialist$8,254.55
2016Department Of FireAleman GeorgeFirefighter-emt$105,917.85
2016Water ManagementAleman JesusPlumber$33,006.95
2016Water ManagementAlemzadeh AbdolrezaFiltration Engineer Ii$16,021.17
2016Department Of AviationAlesia JosephAirport Manager - O'hare$87,497.50
2016Department Of FireAlessi Robert WFirefighter-emt$82,635.91
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAlexander AngelaTraffic Control Aide-hourly$4,716.26
2016Department Of AviationAlexander CalvinPool Motor Truck Driver$33,228.45
2016Department Of TransportationAlexander ClemmieLaborer$83,123.20
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAlexander Doris ACrossing Guard$14,080.24
2016Committee On FinanceAlexander Iii Samuel MStudent Intern - Aldermanic$3,044.75
2016Department Of FireAlexander James PAmbulance Commander$149,946.96
2016Water ManagementAlexander KevinPlumber$100,967.06
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsAlexander Lorie JCrossing Guard$13,431.36
2016Streets And SanitationAlexander Mark ASanitation Laborer$75,719.54
2016Streets And SanitationAlexander MartellPool Motor Truck Driver$911.36
2016Department Of FinanceAlexander Patricia LParking Enforcement Aide$30,313.97
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