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Year: 2016
Employer Name: Water Management
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Annual Wages

2016Animal Care & ControlAguilar Elma MAnimal Care Aide I$69,260.82
2016Animal Care & ControlAguilar Ricardo LAnimal Control Officer$94,337.83
2016Animal Care & ControlAllen Timothy MAnimal Control Officer$70,180.80
2016Animal Care & ControlAllison John LAnimal Control Officer$68,824.50
2016Animal Care & ControlAyala ArthurAnimal Control Officer$71,227.68
2016Animal Care & ControlBadillo Kristian EAnimal Control Officer$35,332.36
2016Animal Care & ControlBanks Tereasa SAnimal Care Clerk - Hourly$1,074.05
2016Animal Care & ControlBatinich Jaclyn MVeterinary Asst$75,016.31
2016Animal Care & ControlBazal Joseph FAnimal Control Officer$19,331.02
2016Animal Care & ControlBradford Mona MAnimal Care Aide Ii$58,699.74
2016Animal Care & ControlBrady DianneAnimal Control Inspector$71,147.73
2016Animal Care & ControlCaballero JorgeAnimal Control Officer$46,450.54
2016Animal Care & ControlCalin Michelle MAnimal Control Officer$85,357.96
2016Animal Care & ControlCapifali Ivan JDeputy Dir$98,588.50
2016Animal Care & ControlCappello Susan PAdministrative Services Officer Ii Excld$90,409.00
2016Animal Care & ControlChristensen AltheaAnimal Care Aide Ii$55,369.01
2016Animal Care & ControlCollins Ryan MAnimal Care Clerk - Hourly$18,909.83
2016Animal Care & ControlCorona ImeldaAnimal Control Officer$46,237.09
2016Animal Care & ControlCrayton Marstine LSupvsr Of Animal Control Officers$87,371.29
2016Animal Care & ControlDean Ii Charles BAnimal Care Clerk - Hourly$333.15
2016Animal Care & ControlDel Rio Jose ASupvsr Of Animal Control Officers$101,199.70
2016Animal Care & ControlDensmore Adrian LAnimal Care Aide I$42,748.38
2016Animal Care & ControlDiakhate MamadouOperations Manager - Animal Control$77,730.50
2016Animal Care & ControlDrake Taurus LAnimal Control Inspector$83,604.22
2016Animal Care & ControlEdgecombe Cheryl KAnimal Control Inspector$62,017.71
2016Animal Care & ControlEldridge Michael EAnimal Control Officer$46,872.07
2016Animal Care & ControlEsparragoza Alejandro EAnimal Control Officer$76,487.29
2016Animal Care & ControlEzeani Chike EVeterinarian-hourly$27,937.98
2016Animal Care & ControlFranco ArturoAnimal Control Officer$53,359.49
2016Animal Care & ControlGage CourtneyAnimal Care Clerk - Hourly$22,712.22
2016Animal Care & ControlGarza NoeAnimal Control Officer$64,720.54
2016Animal Care & ControlGordon Willie JAnimal Care Aide Ii$53,413.01
2016Animal Care & ControlGrzywna Jenna KAnimal Care Aide Ii$45,214.74
2016Animal Care & ControlGuzman BlancaStaff Asst$80,765.76
2016Animal Care & ControlHamilton ArthurAnimal Shelter Manager$65,751.50
2016Animal Care & ControlHernandez MiguelAnimal Control Officer$59,064.08
2016Animal Care & ControlHester Chanel RAnimal Care Clerk - Hourly$1,149.54
2016Animal Care & ControlHolcomb Allen RAnimal Control Inspector$84,743.83
2016Animal Care & ControlHoward Maryann JAnimal Control Inspector$61,905.60
2016Animal Care & ControlHubbs Carla ASupervising Veterinary Asst$58,224.00
2016Animal Care & ControlJacob VivishSupvsr Of Animal Care Aides$94,637.73
2016Animal Care & ControlJenkins India CAnimal Care Clerk - Hourly$24,663.23
2016Animal Care & ControlKeller Audrey AVeterinarian$120,423.79
2016Animal Care & ControlKeller Lindsay EAnimal Care Clerk - Hourly$21,493.63
2016Animal Care & ControlKolek Stefanie LAnimal Care Clerk - Hourly$15,344.87
2016Animal Care & ControlKurtz Kelli RAnimal Care Clerk - Hourly$19,328.81
2016Animal Care & ControlLopez KathleenAnimal Care Clerk - Hourly$28,835.65
2016Animal Care & ControlLoza ErnestoAnimal Control Officer$73,252.93
2016Animal Care & ControlLozano Rene PAnimal Control Officer$81,865.35
2016Animal Care & ControlMartinis JenniferAnimal Control Officer$5,436.80
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