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Year: 2016
Employer Name: Water Management
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Annual Wages

2016Department Of FirePinkston Ernie LDeputy District Chief($2,303.72)
2016Family And Support ServicesAbreu VictorSenior Companion$0.00
2016Water ManagementAccardo VincentCaulker$0.00
2016Streets And SanitationAllen Jr IsaacPool Motor Truck Driver$0.00
2016Department Of FireAnderson Richard PFire Engineer$0.00
2016Family And Support ServicesArmstrong LouiseSenior Companion$0.00
2016Office Of City ClerkBandyk Sandra ASenior Data Entry Operator$0.00
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsBarnwell Aurelius DCrossing Guard - Per Cba$0.00
2016Chicago Public LibraryBeauchamp Chequela MLibrary Page$0.00
2016Department Of FireBedore Steven MFirefighter (per Arbitrators Award)$0.00
2016Family And Support ServicesBell Flora DSenior Companion$0.00
2016Office Of Compliance(formerly)Benson Robert CDeputy Dir$0.00
2016Department Of TransportationBertucci John AHoisting Engineer$0.00
2016Department Of FireBirmingham Scott EParamedic I/c$0.00
2016Streets And SanitationBollacker Raymond DMotor Truck Driver$0.00
2016Family And Support ServicesBrown InezAsst Specialist In Aging$0.00
2016Streets And SanitationBrown Jennifer LPool Motor Truck Driver$0.00
2016Department Of FireBuckley John MFirefighter-emt (recruit)$0.00
2016Health DeptBuckley Marcelina JCertified Medical Asst$0.00
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsBuckner LouiseCommunications Operator I - 311$0.00
2016Streets And SanitationBurke Dale LMotor Truck Driver$0.00
2016Water ManagementCabrera Felicidad GAccountant Iv$0.00
2016Streets And SanitationCanaday Helen ESanitation Laborer$0.00
2016Department Of FireCapuano Daniel VFirefighter (per Arbitrators Award)$0.00
2016Streets And SanitationCarnell Barbee JSanitation Laborer$0.00
2016Department Of TransportationCarr James RPainter$0.00
2016Streets And SanitationChandler Blanchie LSanitation Laborer$0.00
2016Department Of AviationChauca Rocky WAviation Security Officer$0.00
2016Committee On FinanceChavez Maria GStaff Asst To The Alderman$0.00
2016Department Of FireCoffman ThomasCaptain-emt$0.00
2016Department Of FireCoghlan John PFirefighter$0.00
2016Family And Support ServicesConley Judy AHospitality Worker$0.00
2016Department Of TransportationConner AlfonzoForeman Of Cement Finishers$0.00
2016Water ManagementConway James HConstruction Laborer$0.00
2016Department Of AviationCoronado RichardPool Motor Truck Driver$0.00
2016Streets And SanitationCotto LuisMotor Truck Driver$0.00
2016Water ManagementCrane John JOperating Engineer-group C$0.00
2016Department Of FireCreed Michael FFirefighter/paramedic$0.00
2016Department Of TransportationCulhane James CBridge Operator$0.00
2016Department Of TransportationCurtin Scott EBridge And Structural Iron Worker$0.00
2016Chicago Public LibraryDawson RoceialLibrary Clerk$0.00
2016Department Of TransportationDegen Gerald CSheet Metal Worker$0.00
2016Fleet Management(formerly)Delcorio John FMotor Truck Driver - Tire Repair$0.00
2016Chicago Public LibraryEarthely Steven ESenior Library Clerk$0.00
2016Health DeptElder SuzanneProgram Dir$0.00
2016Streets And SanitationEllison Catherine NSanitation Laborer$0.00
2016Department Of FireEnnesser Daniel SFirefighter$0.00
2016Family And Support ServicesEpkins Sylvia LResident Services Coord I$0.00
2016Department Of FireEstrada Sr Jesse RFirefighter$0.00
2016Streets And SanitationFelske Jerome MPool Motor Truck Driver$0.00
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