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Year: 2016
Employer Name: Water Management
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Annual Wages

2016Inspector Generals OfficeDunn Brian J1st Deputy Inspector General$135,665.00
2016Board Of Election CommissionerCzech MichalA/suprv Redistricting$33,417.92
2016Board Of Election CommissionerMiller Thomas FA/suprv Redistricting$32,750.44
2016Board Of Election CommissionerTomecek Christophe JA/suprv Redistricting$45,720.00
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Cuchetto Eugene PAccident Adjuster$82,141.18
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)David MonaAccident Adjuster$47,346.50
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Lazzaro Joseph EAccident Adjuster$82,288.00
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Perez GustavoAccident Adjuster$39,136.52
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Wilhelm Thomas JAccident Adjuster$78,529.00
2016Office Of City TreasurerAllen ElizabethAccountant I$74,614.50
2016Department Of FinanceCazares MonicaAccountant I$69,652.00
2016Department Of FinanceErving Laura LAccountant I$65,496.00
2016Chicago Public LibraryHauman Matt JAccountant I$74,486.25
2016Department Of FinanceOvunwo Clifford AAccountant I$58,414.00
2016Department Of FinanceSmoot Stephanie EAccountant I$56,527.50
2016Chicago Public LibraryValerio ReynaAccountant I$75,913.41
2016Department Of FinanceYue Henry KAccountant I$74,614.50
2016Department Of FinanceZhang KefengAccountant I$64,478.50
2016Department Of FinanceAlam Syed SAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of FinanceAnosike-nnaji Theresa CAccountant Ii$63,394.00
2016Department Of FinanceBarrera Florelia EAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of TransportationBeatty Keisha LAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of FinanceBhakta Shanker AAccountant Ii$53,391.50
2016Family And Support ServicesBruce Anthony CAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of FinanceCampbell JeromeAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Dpt Of Innovation & TechnologyCastillo Maria LAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of FinanceDaley Evelyn DAccountant Ii$53,744.00
2016Department Of FinanceFranklin HelenAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of TransportationHagans Eboni SAccountant Ii$76,895.50
2016Department Of TransportationHarris Tamara MAccountant Ii$76,431.55
2016Family And Support ServicesHartray James JAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of FinanceJohnson Lisa MAccountant Ii$82,067.54
2016Department Of FinanceKapetanou StefanosAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of FinanceLy Kelly DAccountant Ii$80,826.00
2016Mayor's Ofc People/disabilityMorales Frida MAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of FinanceMorris Scott Wendy KAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of FinanceOkraku Gustav HAccountant Ii$44,406.50
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Robinson Shawntia MAccountant Ii$73,642.60
2016Chicago Public LibraryStanley AngelaAccountant Ii$82,384.00
2016Department Of FinanceStreeter Cerene MAccountant Ii$47,220.24
2016Department Of TransportationTran Khanh BAccountant Ii$65,647.74
2016Family And Support ServicesAnderson Darnetta LAccountant Iii$90,051.50
2016Department Of FinanceArellano AlesiaAccountant Iii$86,279.50
2016Department Of FinanceBell Karla CAccountant Iii$26,195.75
2016Chicago Public LibraryBishop Mone EAccountant Iii$90,030.20
2016Fleet & Facilities Mgmt (2fm)Carter Sharon AAccountant Iii$90,051.50
2016Department Of FinanceD Souza Vernon JAccountant Iii$94,629.00
2016Office Of Emerg CommunicationsDavis Sharron LAccountant Iii$90,158.92
2016Department Of FinanceDeng Xian SAccountant Iii$89,261.50
2016Department Of FinanceDiwisch ChristopheAccountant Iii$74,871.50
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