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Annual Wages

2015City Colleges Of ChicagoAagaard Sharon M$88,429.95
2016City Colleges Of ChicagoAagaard Sharon M$90,104.33
2017City Colleges Of ChicagoAagaard Sharon M$7,200.26
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoAakalu Vinay Kumor$265,000.03
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAakalu Vinay Kumor$255,092.41
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAakalu Vinay Kumor$245,428.41
2015Western Illinois UniversityAanenson Marian H$37,521.00
2017Western Illinois UniversityAanenson Marian H$39,204.00
2016Western Illinois UniversityAanenson Marian H$39,075.00
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAardsma Nathan Alan$62,379.56
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoAardsma Nathan Alan$151,415.43
2016College Of DupageAarestad Elizabeth Anne$14,640.25
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAardsma Nathan Alan$59,602.76
2015College Of DupageAarestad Elizabeth Anne$18,980.63
2017College Of DupageAarestad Elizabeth Anne$15,150.00
2016William Rainey Harper CollegeAarestad Elizabeth Anne$14,688.00
2015William Rainey Harper CollegeAarestad Elizabeth Anne$11,532.34
2017William Rainey Harper CollegeAarestad Elizabeth Anne$15,146.25
2017Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleAaron Eugene T$62,502.26
2016Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleAaron Eugene T$6,499.68
2016Governors State UniversityAase Darrin Michael$84,246.37
2015Governors State UniversityAase Darrin Michael$78,726.48
2017Governors State UniversityAase Darrin Michael$86,201.12
2017Northern Illinois UniversityAase Gerald R$121,649.64
2015Northern Illinois UniversityAase Gerald R$112,938.75
2016Northern Illinois UniversityAase Gerald R$124,939.01
2016University Of Illinois - UrbanaAavang Michele R$24,743.05
2017University Of Illinois - UrbanaAavang Michele R$36,387.65
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbad Bayan B$9,855.90
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbad Bayan B$35,265.32
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbad Catherine M$96,915.75
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbad Catherine M$98,451.29
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbad Catherine M$97,506.75
2016Mchenry CollegeAbad Melissa$2,520.00
2016Northeastern Illinois UniversityAbad Melissa$3,600.00
2015Northeastern Illinois UniversityAbad Melissa$7,200.00
2017Joliet Junior CollegeAbadir Maria Philib$2,281.67
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbando Dansel$47,877.18
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbando Dansel$48,572.40
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbando Dansel$48,253.56
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbarbanel Jonathan$24,171.67
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbarbanel Jonathan$19,005.00
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbarbanel Jonathan$24,833.26
2017City Colleges Of ChicagoAbarca Daniel E$12,856.25
2017City Colleges Of ChicagoAbarca John$8,712.00
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbarca Rebeca$27,381.76
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbarca Rebeca$33,109.50
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbarca Rebeca$27,166.26
2017University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbaring Erlina Galona$141,866.04
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbaring Erlina Galona$150,718.81
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