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IL - State/Local Employee Pension - State College & University Employees

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Monthly Annuity Amount

2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoHeffez Leslie$48,435.61
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoHeffez Leslie$47,024.86
2014University Of Illinois - ChicagoHeffez Leslie$45,655.20
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoDas Gupta Tapas$41,231.11
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbraham Edward$40,063.46
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoDas Gupta Tapas$40,031.79
2016University Of Illinois - FoundationGuenther Ronald$39,424.53
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbraham Edward$38,896.56
2014University Of Illinois - ChicagoDas Gupta Tapas$38,867.40
2015University Of Illinois - FoundationGuenther Ronald$38,276.24
2014University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbraham Edward$37,763.65
2014University Of Illinois - FoundationGuenther Ronald$37,161.40
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoFlaherty Joseph$36,107.50
2016University Of Illinois - UrbaMaggs Peter$35,803.85
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoMafee Mahmood$35,757.88
2015University Of Illinois - UrbaMaggs Peter$35,179.13
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoFlaherty Joseph$35,055.83
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoMafee Mahmood$34,716.39
2014University Of Illinois - UrbaMaggs Peter$34,572.61
2014University Of Illinois - ChicagoFlaherty Joseph$34,034.79
2014University Of Illinois - ChicagoMafee Mahmood$33,705.23
2016University Of Illinois - UrbaStukel James$33,524.44
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbcarian Herand$32,723.50
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAlbrecht Ronald$32,599.89
2015University Of Illinois - UrbaStukel James$32,548.55
2016Illinois State UniversityBowman Clarence$32,185.46
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbcarian Herand$31,770.39
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAlbrecht Ronald$31,650.38
2014University Of Illinois - UrbaStukel James$31,601.08
2015Illinois State UniversityBowman Clarence$31,248.02
2016Moraine Valley Community CollegeCrawley Vernon$31,008.12
2014University Of Illinois - ChicagoAbcarian Herand$30,845.04
2014University Of Illinois - ChicagoAlbrecht Ronald$30,728.52
2014Illinois State UniversityBowman Clarence$30,337.88
2015Moraine Valley Community CollegeCrawley Vernon$30,104.97
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoAusman James$29,937.68
2014Moraine Valley Community CollegeCrawley Vernon$29,228.13
2016University Of Illinois - UrbaKramer Arthur$29,130.00
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoAusman James$29,065.71
2016University Of Illinois - UrbaHenson Louis$28,921.53
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoWilbur Andrew$28,877.74
2016University Of Illinois - UrbaEaster Robert$28,418.19
2014University Of Illinois - ChicagoAusman James$28,219.14
2015University Of Illinois - UrbaHenson Louis$28,079.16
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoWilbur Andrew$28,036.64
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoWilensky Jacob$27,906.02
2014University Of Illinois - UrbaHenson Louis$27,261.32
2014University Of Illinois - ChicagoWilbur Andrew$27,220.04
2016University Of Illinois - ChicagoForman Phillip$27,203.39
2015University Of Illinois - ChicagoWilensky Jacob$27,093.22
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